10 Ways to Generate More Leads Using the RE/MAX Toolbox

Image c/o: housesonherengracht.com

Image c/o: housesonherengracht.com

As a real estate agent, you are constantly working hard. Day in and day out, you are doing whatever it takes to grow your business and generate more leads. Besides the obvious task of assisting clients with buying and selling homes, you also need to stay current with real estate laws and trends, create marketing materials for your business, and respond to the changing needs of buyers and sellers. Being efficient and using the tools available to you is the key to being successful, so, are you using them? Check out the following ten ways that you can use the RE/MAX Toolbox to generate more leads:

1: Become their Favourite!

Encourage your clients to select you as their favourite agent on remax.ca. That way, any time they click “schedule a showing” or “request info”, it will go directly to YOU, their agent!

2. Keep it Current

Make sure that your remax.ca profile is completely filled out! Include a recent photo, a professional biography, and social media contact details. You are much more likely to generate leads from potential clients with these details filled out.

3. Add Service Areas

If you haven’t filled out your service areas on bestagent.ca, you are not in the running to receive CREA leads from remax.ca. Make sure you select five communities you work in and add them to your profile!

4. Drive Traffic

Direct customers searching your listing on realtor.ca to remax.ca where they can request a showing by copying the URL from your remax.ca listing and pasting it into the “Alternate Feature Sheet URL” field on your MLS service.

5. Use Curbside Marketing

Join the RE/MAX text program to start advertising text numbers for your listings on your signs as well as in online and print marketing so you will be provided with your potential clients contact details.

6. Link your remax.ca Profile in your Email Signature

Include the link to your remax.ca profile in your email signature to ensure that anyone surfing your properties can easily share your listings or schedule a showing!

7. Email your Database

Use the RE/MAX Design Centre to create a branded personal promotion piece such as an e-card or e-newsletter and email it to your database. Be sure to include your contact details so they can connect with you!

8. Rise Above the Crowd

Attend a hot air balloon event in your area or request the balloon for your own event. Invite clients, friends, and family to a special day they will never forget!

9. Mail to your Farm Area

Use the RE/MAX discounted rate on Canada Post’s Unaddressed Mail program to deliver your just listed /Just Sold flyers to your farm area. Don’t forget to follow up with a personal visit!

10. Network in Over 90 Countries

Use the talk forums on Mainstreet to connect and converse with RE/MAX agents from all over the globe. Join in or start your own conversations about why you should be receiving referrals to your community.

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