2017 Q4 Market Share Reports & #1 Cities List

market share and #1

The 2017 Q4 Market Share Reports and #1 Cities List are here to help you go from goal setting to goal getting!

Whether or not your marketing strategy for the new year has changed, the Market Share Reports and the #1 Cities List will always be a useful addition, and can be used in a multitude of ways to help enhance your overall appeal to potential clients. The #1 Cities List is a new resource that will be released with the Market Share Reports on a quarterly basis.

Market Share Reports show:

  • RE/MAX agents sell more real estate than any other Canadian brand.
  • RE/MAX is the most recognized name in real estate and #1 in brand awareness.
  • Over 95 per cent of homebuyers and sellers know of RE/MAX.
  • Each year, RE/MAX agents’ help hundreds of thousands of families buy or sell a home.

#1 Cities List show:

  • RE/MAX sold more homes, listed more homes and had the most market share in the cities listed below, last year.
Number-1-Cities_Ontario-Atlantic Canada YE 2017-page-001
Number-1-Cities_Ontario-Atlantic Canada YE 2017-page-002
Number-1-Cities_Ontario-Atlantic Canada YE 2017-page-003

Download #1 Cities List

But not all of your clients (or potential clients) know the above, so we encourage you to enlighten them! See below for a few ways on how you can use the Market Share Reports and #1 Cities List to show potential clients that you’re a hardworking agent, diligent and deserve their business.

Post on Your Social Media

For starters, optimize the potential reach you have from all of your social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and instead of posting just regular text, upload one, two or all applicable Market Share Reports or the #1 Cities List to show your followers which cities you serve, which neighbourhoods you know and most importantly how much the power of working with a RE/MAX agent will help them sell their home!

Add to Your Website

Another great home for the Market Share Reports or the #1 Cities List are on your website! When visitors see them on your website they’ll know your website is up-to-date, active and it will also provide them with market insight.

Hand Them Out at Your Open House Events

Sometimes it’s not easy entertaining all guests at an open house, especially if they all come at once. Leave a few printed copies of the Market Share Reports or the #1 Cities List on a table and they are bound to draw some attention because of their colourful and easy to read design, so by the time you to talk to someone new, they may already have some questions for you!

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