3 RE/MAX Hustle Secrets from Jason Munn of RE/MAX East Coast Elite

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Introducing the RE/MAX Spotlight, our new blog series featuring a discussion with a RE/MAX Broker or Agent making an impact every month. In each discussion we’ll uncover three secrets of the #REMAXhustle that come together to help bring each agent their own success.

In the first edition of the RE/MAX Spotlight Series, we spoke to Sales Representative Jason Munn of RE/MAX East Coast Elite Realty in Fredericton, New Brunswick to find out what are his top 3 ingredients to success. Enjoy!

1. The “plus one” rule.

I have a plus one rule which I incorporate into my schedule every single day. When I am done what I needed to complete for the day, I make one more phone call or send one more email. I believe getting one more thing in can lead to an increase of at least 5-10% in an agent’s business.

2. Establish your purpose.

Try to establish your purpose. What is it that you want? Do you set goals? If you fail to plan, you plan to fail — it’s that simple. Have clearly defined goals and keep those goals fresh on your mind each day. Everyday you work, work towards achieving those goals. If you struggle with keeping sight of your goals, create a vision board of the things that matter to your business. Make sure you are consistently engaging in lead generation activities to fulfill your vision from your vision board and your ultimate goal.

3. The 3 P’s: Persistence, perseverance, passion.

Persistence, perseverance, passion for the business/brand and treating people the way that I expect to be treated are definitely my keys to success in real estate. There is nothing more common than unsuccessful men with talent and nothing will ever take the place of persistence! I think that Henry Ford said it best: “Think you can or can’t, you’re right!”. I feel the continuous need of having to succeed; I want to feel that I did more than I thought possible that day, plus a little extra. It might be true that I tend to work a little too hard but when you love what you do, it comes easily.

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