3 RE/MAX Hustle Secrets with Perry Wuest of RE/MAX Pursuit Realty

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The RE/MAX Spotlight series features a discussion with a RE/MAX Broker or Agent making an impact every month. We uncover 3 secrets of the #REMAXhustle that help brings each agent or broker their own success.

In the latest instalment of the RE/MAX Spotlight Series, we spoke to Broker/Owner Perry Wuest of RE/MAX RE/MAX Pursuit Realty Brokerage to discover his top 3 ingredients to success in real estate. Enjoy!

1. Focus on the positives.

Every day has ups and downs as a real estate professional. At RE/MAX Pursuit Realty we focus on the positives of every day. We try to move forward without dwelling on disappointment or negative people. When we go through some rough times, I get outside, talk to people, find reminders of the things I love about this job. Sometimes thinking about the alternatives to this profession are a good motivator to continue pushing forward and pursuing the things about this job that you love.

2. Continue learning.

I take the time to learn what is new in the industry. With disruptors and the changing ways that people search for and buy homes, I want to make sure I am effectively marketing our client’s homes and reaching prospective buyer clients where they are looking.

3. Know your worth.

Know your value and value your own knowledge and time. Going above and beyond for a committed client is essential, however, it is also important to recognize when people are using you and don’t value you or what you’re doing for them. Learn to politely let those people go. We like to refer them to our competition.

Watch the video below!

Leader Spotlight - play video- Perry Wuest

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