4 Tips for Creating a Professional Website

4 Tips for Creating a Professional Website

Technology today allows buyers and sellers to find their new home from virtually anywhere. The overwhelming number of people who start their search online shows that before ever contacting a real estate agent, consumers have done their homework. Not only are they searching for the perfect home, but they are also searching for the perfect person to help them in their buying and selling journey. Although social media platforms are a great way for you to leverage your online presence and engage with your clients, having a website is equally important.

As we know, when someone wants to learn more about you, all they have to do is type your name in a popular search engine. The question is no longer will they be able to find you, but what will they find when they do. Having a website is a way to add credibility to you and your services and to ensure that when a client searches for you, they will find a professional website that they can refer to in order to learn more about you and your business. Your website quickly becomes your home on the web where people can get a first impression of what you have to offer.

When we say you must have a professional website, there is an important key word to pay attention to: professional. Having a website simply for the sake of having one is not enough and believe it or not, an unprofessional site can have a worse effect than not having one at all. In order to ensure you are making the most of your online real estate, there are a few key components to pay attention to in order to make an impression on your future clients.

Homepage with a Purpose:

People who are surfing the web generally don’t have long attention spans. In order to grab their attention, your homepage needs to give them the information they are looking for immediately. Who you are and what you offer should be among the information clearly displayed on your homepage.

Reaching You:

Your contact information should clearly and consistently be present on your website. There is no reason to make people search around for it.

Content is Key:

As salespeople, it is easy to forget that people out there are tired of being “sold” to. Instead, focus on how you can add value by providing content they can use. Give them useful information that will not only showcase your expertise, but will start building trust and keep people coming back for more! Your content is what will make you stand out from others, because it is unique to you.

Easy on the Eyes:

While we all like to see flashy pictures and interesting effects from time to time, your website shouldn’t overuse them. Images are a key component in making your website appear more attractive but it’s important to remember that it is the content that will ultimately end up engaging them. Educate yourself with a web design class, or read credible articles that share the best ways to design a website. You want to make sure the fonts, colours, and overall design of your page is visually appealing and user friendly.

By following these simple tips, we can ensure that we don’t overwhelm our visitors and leave a lasting impression.

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