5 Benefits of Collecting Reviews


Do you have a favourite store, brand or product that is your automatic go-to? Whether it’s a favourite pair of jeans, a cleaning product for your home or even a toy brand for your children, brand loyalty all comes down to trust. You trust the quality of the product, you trust that the service you receive and more importantly you trust that the brand stands behind the product you are spending your hard earned dollars on.

Visitors who read reviews are 68% more likely to convert to a sale

When it comes to the largest purchase your clients will make, trust is one of the most important things you can establish when helping your clients find a new place to call home. One of the best ways to build and establish that trust is through reviews, and thankfully our RE/MAX Launchpad vendors RankMyAgent can help!

5 Benefits of Collecting Reviews

  1. Positive reviews are like free advertising and will help work to bring in new clients
  2. Connect with clients on a personal level through reviews that carry as much weight as a word-of-mouth referral
  3. Online reviews will help you establish trust with potential clients who search for you online
  4. Reviews provide SEO value making it easier for potential clients to find you online
  5. Worried about receiving negative reviews? Don’t be! They will help you improve your business in the future

If you want to learn more about RankMyAgent and how they can help you build your business through online reviews, make sure you stop by and visit them in RE/MAX Launchpad!

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