5 Reasons to Attend RE/CHARGE

5 Reasons to Attend RECHARGE Header

If you’re looking for motivation and a winning formula for success, you need to attend RE/CHARGE this September 27th and 28th, and here are five reasons why!


That’s right, you won’t leave empty-handed! Just use your conference ticket to enter the swag store, better known as the Brand Bar and stack up on a bunch of free refreshed goodies! Make your way over on either one of the RE/CHARGE days and you’ll find a variety of newly branded items: some which can be used as client gifts, some you can wear, and some you can use to decorate your office to keep it looking new and refreshed! We’re not spilling all the beans, so you best attend to find out more about what you’ll be walking away with!2.

RE/CHARGE brings likeminded people together and gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn how to further their success. Meaning there’s a 99.9 per cent chance you’ll sit it on or spark insightful conversations, learn something new, and/or possibly even meet a new referral!

The networking opportunities are endless and a lot of relationships stem from RE/CHARGE, especially during Day 1 during the Networking Reception and Exhibitor Showcase (click HERE to find out when it is)! So whether you mingle with a past acquaintance or meet someone new, just remember you’ll have the opportunity to make the moment last and get a picture with them at our hashtag photobooth!3.

We’re going to feed you because we know there’s nothing worse than being hangry. Come hungry and on time Day 1 to Register, Network, Eat and Explore Opportunities. During this two hour time period, you’ll have the opportunity to chat with other agents, munch on some lunch, and visit our Exhibitor Showcase where some of real estate’s top vendors and companies will show you their latest tools at a special discounted rate to help you build your business.4.

This year we’re giving you the opportunity to lead a session on the topic of your choice through the REBar Camp! From noon to 3 PM on September 27th, volunteers can put their name in a draw for the chance to facilitate a discussion. If you have a burning question related to technology usage in real estate, a question about listings or photography – you name it, attend REBar Camp and collaborate with your peers!5.

Looking for ways to accelerate your business’s growth? We sure hope so because at RE/CHARGE this year you’ll learn how from some of the world’s best real estate experts. This includes the man named one of the Top 25 Real Estate Coaches in 2016 by Inman, Travis Robertson and CRS Webinar Instructor and CRS Annual Sell-A-Bration Speaker, Sasha Farmer! Also speaking at RE/CHARGE this year is Gerald Clerx who will help you improve your Negotiation Skills and Peter “Pete the Planner” Dunn. Review the RE/CHARGE agenda, find out whose speaking on what, when, and chose who want to hear from wisely!

There you have it, 5 reasons why you should attend RE/CHARGE this year! While there may be more reasons, the bottom line is you have something to look forward to this September 27th and 28th!

Book it off and register now, this will be important time spent you’ll business will thank you for in the long run!Lun


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