5 ways to make 2014 yours!

5 ways to rock 2014!

5 ways to rock 2014!

The New Year can mean something different to everyone. We all know the cliché sayings that inspire some, and irritate the rest. “New Year, New You” right? Instead of a new you, let’s try new opportunities. Take some time to review, reflect, and break down your previous business year. What did you do well? Where could you improve? Review your transactions, testimonials, and business finances so you can start seeing the opportunities, and setting your goals for 2014.

Having a plan, equipped with a few specific and achievable goals, will help you stay focused each and every month.  Here are 5 ways you can raise the bar for your business in 2014!

  1. Online Video
    A recent Forrester Research study shows that people retain 58% more information when visuals and audio are both used.  Online video is a huge platform for your marketing and the truth is, if you’re not using video, you’re losing customers to those who are.
  2. Multi-Screen Optimization
    Consumers are not only searching off their computer, their browsing on their tablet, while they’re watching TV and tweeting from their mobile phone.  This year ensure all your content is optimized for all different screen sizes.
  3. Content Marketing
    Content still reigns. Producing top quality online content is where you’ll see the most traffic to your online platforms. Make sure that when creating content, you use the search terms consumers would use when looking for your blog post or listing.
  4. Target Marketing
    In 2014, be specific in the people you reach out too. Become the expert in a group, area or community and start to focus on the people you want to work with.  Design your ideal client and think of their needs. Where would they look for an agent? What information do they need?  Strategic marketing is a big trend for 2014, so get out there and find your niche so you can rock that crowd.
  5. People
    With all the tools available digitally, it takes additional time to add a personal touch to your business plan. But don’t worry, that extra time goes a long way!   Make sure to include personal hand written notes, drop off gifts, or take a client to lunch on a regular basis.  It won’t take long to see that putting in the extra effort will pay off!

Bonus – Fun!
People are looking to have fun in everything they do. Use this year to make your marketing fun. Make showing a client’s homes fun, and don’t stop there! Make open houses, conferences and nearly everything you do fun. Consumers and colleagues will love the exceptional experience you’re providing.

Together, let’s make this the year of new opportunities. Whether you aim high and reach for the stars, or make a goal to reach a series of small successes in your business, there is no shortage of opportunity. The only questions you need to ask is “when do I start?”

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  • Bonnie Mudge says:

    This is good advise. Since 2009 I lost the fun. I have decided this year I would stop worrying about sales and relax. Bring back the “Fun” in sales is now my new GOAL. Thanks for the insperation. Bonnie

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