7 Tips for Improving Your People Skills

As you know, working in real estate means there is not a day that goes by where you are not engaging and interacting with people. Whether you are looking to gain new business, or speaking with someone who is already a client, people skills are of the upmost importance to your business. As the saying goes, “sales go up and down, but service stays forever” and your people skills are the building blocks you need to ensure you are constantly moving forward. Take a look at the seven tips below that will help you not only build on your people skills, but start implementing them.

7 Tips to Help You Improve Your People Skills

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1.)    Get Out There!

This one may seem simple, and many of you are probably already doing it, but we’re going to tell you anyway! Start engaging with people everywhere you go. Whether you’re standing in line at the grocery store or waiting for a table at a restaurant, the opportunities to meet new faces are out there. Although you may not feel comfortable striking up a conversation with someone you have never met, you will never know what it can lead to unless you try.

2.)    Smile

Did you know that you use fewer muscles to frown than you do to smile? This is a small, simple, and virtually effortless way to make you come across more approachable and personable

3.)    Listen

Here is another simple one for you, but it is something that requires very little of you and can go a long way in showing respect for someone you are speaking to. Remember to keep eye contact, and respond appropriately where it calls for it in the conversation. When others know that you are listening intently to them, they will provide you with the same courtesy in return.

4.)    Get Involved

Be honest, when you see someone has invited you to join a group on Facebook, what is your initial reaction? Do you automatically close it and forget about it, or do you do some exploring to learn more about this group? These are perfect opportunities for you to get to know people you may not have otherwise met. Even if the conversations are not related to your business, interacting with new people is a sure way to build the people skills you can later apply in your work. Keep in mind that you don’t need to limit yourself to online groups. Find an activity you enjoy or volunteer with an organization that means something to you.

5.)    Mind Your Manners

Did you know that it takes only four seconds for a person to form an opinion of you and that opinion can be finalized within 30 seconds? Manners are an often overlooked topic that can make or break a person’s opinion of you. Be mindful of these intimidating statistics when interacting with current and potential clients, but your approach can vary depending on their personality. If they are more relaxed, you can lighten up while still keeping your interactions professional. With the amount of new immigrants buying and selling properties in Canada, it is also important to educate yourself on customs and practices in different cultures to ensure you don’t do anything to offend them.

6.)    Keep Up With Current Events

We currently live in a knowledge based society, and information on current news and events is available at our finger tips within seconds of a situation taking place. Whether it is a community event, or a big news item, staying on top of what is going on is not only a good conversation starter, but it will show that you are knowledgeable and on top of what is going on. As difficult as it may be, remember to avoid gossip! Keep your interactions positive and make sure your sources are informed and correct before sharing.

7.)     Communicate

Last but not least, communicate! Make sure the lines of communication are always open, and that people know where they can most easily get in contact with you. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to get ahold of someone, and having no success. Make sure your business card is creative, and appealing to the eye and has all of your contact information included.

While we all have our strengths and weaknesses, some people are just naturally gifted at connecting and communicating with others. Whether you are one of those lucky few or not, everyone can strive to be better and these tips are the perfect place to get started! Pick a few, and start implementing them today.

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