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Some of your regional office staff have been attending the Broker/Owner conference in Ottawa over the past few days. Although the information was targeted towards our Brokers, there were some inspiring lessons we can all benefit from. So without further ado, here are our top 5 takeaways from the 2013 RE/MAX International Broker/Owner Conference (BOC):

  1. How are you going to be the best? At the opening session, Dave Liniger asked the audience “How are you going to be your best?” How often do you ask yourself this question? It is also important to remind yourself of your goals and dreams as these will help you stay on track with being the best you can be.
  2. Do you know where you spend your money? Here’s an instant reality check. Cancel your credit card, and then only resubscribe to the tools you actually use and that bring value.
  3. How often are your emails being opened? Getting really good at subject lines makes a huge difference. Ask yourself, what kind of subject line appeals to you? What would get you to open an email?
  4. Are you actively listening? One of the best ways to use social media to reach out and engage with your consumers is to be present online listening as often as you are talking. This will give you great insight into the actual needs and concerns of your existing and potential clients.
  5. In the closing session, keynote speakerTom Flick reminded us that not all knowledge is power, unless we apply that knowledge. He left is with 4 key questions to be constantly asking ourselves: Who are you? Where are you going? Where are you going to end up? What’s life all about?


We thought that each of these 5 takeaways were in line with the overall Leadership theme of the conference. They each highlight the need to continue to learn and improve yourself in order to evolve and grow your business. We hope you were inspired to ask yourself these questions.


To follow along for more of the conversation that took place at the RE/MAX BOC, join us on twitter using the hashtag #remaxBOC.

Co-authored by Valerie Garcia, Senior Technology Coach & Shelby Schneider, Social Media Strategist

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