Apps of the Month – July Edition

Apps of the Month - July Edition

For many people, summer is an exciting time filled with fun in the sun, beach adventures, and multiple events. With so much going on, by the time Fall rolls around it is difficult to pick out the highlights. This month’s Apps of the Month are going to change that for you! We want to provide you with the tools to create memorable materials that will make sure your relationships with your clients are long term rather than just a summer fling! We have you covered on everything from shooting videos and top notch presentations, to a new way to help you communicate with buyers. Remember to download these apps so you can have them ready to go when you need them!

YouTube Capture

YouTube Capture

This app is a great tool for shooting mobile video. YouTube Capture helps you shoot multiple clips, edit their length, stitch clips together, add music and edit the video from within the app. When you are done all that you can upload straight to YouTube right from the App. It’s far above the built-in camera apps on most smartphones.


Keynote Remote

Keynote + Keynote Remote

Keynote, as many know, is Apple’s answer to Powerpoint. It’s a very easy presentation building software that is quick and easy to use.  What is especially useful about Keynote is the accompanying iPhone app called Keynote Remote. This app allows you to control the presentation on your iPad from your phone. You can remotely change the slides for whoever is holding your iPad and you can see notes on your presentation and what slide is coming next from the screen of your iPhone.Now in your next listing presentation you can hand your iPad to the potential client and change the slides from your phone.


Houzz Houzz

Houzz is a great app for people who are thinking of renovating their home or want design ideas. They have thousands upon thousands of beautiful photos of renovations all over the world. Real Estate Agents can even register on here and create a badge for their website. If your client is having trouble articulating the kind of home they want, get them to show you their style on Houzz and save the photos of their ideal type of home. You can also give them inspiration for what can be done in a particular space if they cannot see it themselves. Be careful though, you may find yourself wanting to renovate your home next!


We’d love to hear your feedback, so once you get a chance to try out these apps, make sure you let us know what you think! You can let us know your thoughts on Facebook or you can tweet us @REMAXoa! You can also let us know if you have any great apps you think should be featured in next months Apps of the Month.

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