April Industry Events Recap

Last week was a busy week for the real estate industry in Ontario. Not only is the busy spring market well underway, but there were also two back to back events that couldn’t be missed.

April Industry Events

REbarcamp Toronto

On Monday April 28th, the 5th REbarcamp was held in Toronto with attendees from all over Canada. This event gave attendees the unique opportunity to learn and share in an open environment from people who are currently finding success in various aspects of their business. The event saw everyone from real estate agents, brokers, and lenders to home inspectors, home stagers, technology coaches, and many more. Together, they brought high level interaction between the speakers and attendees giving everyone the materials, information, and tips they can start incorporating in their business immediately.

Each time block featured six different speakers, each coming from different segments of the city and featuring a different topic to give attendees a wide variety of sessions to choose from. Whether you were looking to learn more about social media, real estate skills, branding or marketing, there was a session at REbarcamp for you.

What did our Technology Coaches think of REbarcamp?

“My key takeaway from REbarcamp Toronto is that as an industry, we are all struggling to define our value in the face of growing data transparency. Customers have access to more information than ever and we need to find ways to use that to our advantage, rather than resisting it. We all need to focus on finding ways to have a clear, consistent, human voice online. I also think that true change in our industry is going to require us to have more open conversations about the tough questions.” – Valerie Garcia – Senior Technology Coach, RE/MAX Ontario-Atlantic Canada

Attending a variety of different classes during the day gave me insight into the ways we can talk to clients and the various platforms and tools we can use to get that information across. I feel that in an overwhelming world of social media where thousands of messages are sent every second, we all think of ways to make sure our voice and our message stands out. Most importantly that can be achieved by ensuring our content is valuable to our customers and realizing that just as much value lies behind the messages that are being put out by customers. Are we listening to our customers and clients and understanding what they are saying? And more importantly, what are we doing about it? I believe that more realtors can use the wealth of information that they can gather by simply listening to Social Media messages as they can be an extremely helpful tool.” – Kiran Gandhi – Technology Coach, RE/MAX Ontario-Atlantic Canada Inc.

April Industry Events

REiNVENTION Technology Conference

Less than 24 hours after REbarcamp finished, we were on to the next event, REiNVENTION! This event was highly anticipated as it was the first event of its kind to be taking place in North America. Becoming paperless is the way of the future and it’s safe to say everyone was looking forward to hearing what our speakers had to say. We started the day with Krisstina Wise from the Goodlife Companies and from there, moved on to Garry Wise of The Paperless Agent. Both had valuable information to share including how becoming paperless can improve your business, and some top tips for using Evernote. After a quick break for lunch, we also heard from Docusign and Realvolve about the many different ways their products can help you in your efforts to become paperless.

What did our Technology Coaches think of this REiNVENTION?

“My biggest takeaway from REiNVENTION is that paperless is not just something that is “shiny and new”. Going paperless is the future and not only reduces waste but it makes your business more efficient and provides a better overall consumer experience when done properly. You have to fully commit to going paperless. Not once have I heard of someone going back to using paper after discovering the benefits involved with going paperless. REiNVENTION was a great starting point for getting on the road to going paperless” – Andrew Fogliato – Technology Coach, RE/MAX Ontario Atlantic Canada

“I have never been a big fan of having to carry around files and folders and organizing them and then finding the right ones when needed among the “pile”. Going paperless has helped me in many ways to organize and have all the information I need at my fingertips – at all times! At Reinvention we were introduced to a number of tools that we can use in our day to day business to help us become paperless. Great emphasis was placed on one particular app – Evernote! And with good reason. Evernote is essentially like having your filing cabinet on your mobile device. “People will only change the way they do everyday tasks if it’s overwhelmingly clear how it makes their lives better.” Going paperless will make your lives better!” – Kiran Gandhi – Technology Coach, RE/MAX Ontario-Atlantic Canada Inc.

Stay tuned for more training opportunities from RE/MAX Ontario-Atlantic to help you embrace paperless and mobile in your business!



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