Blogging for Realtors: Top Tips for Writing an Engaging Blog for Your Audience

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You are here reading this blog, which means you have likely heard the hype about blogs and their effectiveness. Most of us are using the internet to promote our business and grow it, and a major part of doing this is through networking on Social Media. That being said, you’re probably wondering where blogs fit in your online marketing strategy.

You should look at a blog as an opportunity for you to voice your opinions, showcase your expertise, share your knowledge, and show off your personality. Blogging allows you to build trust with your prospective clients and build rapport with them. They get to know your personality and what you’re about which is an important part of the relationship building process. Not to mention that original content such as blogs are a great way to boost your search engine rankings.

Despite knowing how powerful a blog can be, many Realtors have a certain hesitation associated with blogs. Follow some of these simple tips to get yourself started:

  • Brainstorm: Get creative and create a range of topics you are comfortable speaking about and are knowledgeable about.
  • Create Meaningful and Engaging Content: Remember, this is a way for you to build trust and rapport, so think of what the consumers would find interesting to read
  • Be Yourself and be Consistent: It’s important that the voice behind the message delivers it honestly and on a consistent basis. Once you build a fan base, a regular blog will become an expectation
  • Add images: A picture is worth a thousand words. Add a relevant and intriguing image to your blog!
  • Promote your Blog Everywhere: Add a preview on your social media platforms with a shortened link to drive traffic to your blog. Don’t forget to include it in your e-mail signature and all other marketing material you distribute
  • Engage with your Audience: Make sure that you reply thoroughly to all questions you get on your blog.
  • Keep it Short and Sweet: Blogs are not meant to be long – a few paragraphs can be sufficient so don’t worry about writing endless pages

Now that you know how to get started creating your blog, you are probably wondering about the type of content you should be posting. Here are the top 3 topics you could start blogging about today:

 1)      Hyper-local Content: There is not enough of this out there. Educate, promote and provide insight into a neighbourhood and become the go to source for any updates on that particular area

2)      Buyer / Seller Specific Information: Checklists, Tips, Financing, Staging, the list goes on and on. Perhaps you can draw in on your own experiences with clients in the past to highlight your experience and expertise. People love to see authenticity and remember this is about being yourself in whatever you write about!

3)      Market & Industry Information: Simplify those agonizing market trend reports and statistics and translate them into a language that is engaging to read. Don’t be afraid to start adding opinions and comments into these types of blogs to make them more interesting.

I hope you enjoyed this quick intro to blogging for Realtors! Happy Blogging!



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