Boring Cover Photo? We Have The Answer!


Nothing says you’re ready for summer more than a watermelon cover photo, that’s RE/MAX branded of course! Today marks the countdown to summer, and what better way to kick it off than with NEW seasonal branded cover photos?

As the season changes, so do the listing features. You may begin to see yourself capitalizing on a seller’s backyard pool (that you can finally see), or their newly tidied gardens.

The bottom line is summer is around the corner and there are new ways to highlight each property. Show your clients your timely and ready to take on their summer listings by uploading one of the new seasonal branded cover photos.

Whether you’re a Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn user – there is a cover photo for you, and that isn’t even the best part! We have made sure that the cover photos are optimized for both desktop and mobile views, ensuring you’re ready for whatever the summer has in store.


To download images similar to these, follow the easy steps below or go to our Branded Cover Photos album on Facebook!

It’s easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Select your social platform (FB, Twitter, or LinkedIn)
  2. Click the corresponding download button
  3. Choose your favourite image and upload to your social media account


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