Check Out the NEW 2017 Media Campaign!


Spring is on the horizon, and there is nothing better than witnessing the grass turn greener and the flowers begin to bloom as you feel the warmth of the sun as it finally hits your skin after the long winter. This spring, it won’t only be the signs of the season you will be spotting; it will be the all-new 2017 media campaign!

With the strong market continuing its momentum, buyers and sellers are just as eager as ever, and our new campaign will help solidify RE/MAX as the best choice, rising high above our competitors.

The goal for this media campaign is to always be in the most visible, high traffic locations to ensure we are in front of as many potential home buyers & sellers as possible while positioning RE/MAX Agents as the most professional & knowledgeable in the Industry.

To build on the momentum of the 2016 “We Know” campaign, we have continued with similar messaging with an all new high impact and highly visible media campaign for the spring and summer seasons. With a more modern approach to the “We Know” messaging, we have increased the brand presence in all applications, reinforcing the brand statement that ‘RE/MAX Agents are the experts in the neighbourhood”!

Beginning March 6th, we will be launching the following:

  • A robust campaign spanning over 12 weeks
  • We will appear on billboards, transit shelter ads, bus ads, streetcar ads, radio spots
  • In Atlantic Canada, you can spot our television ads
  • Luxury advertising for the RE/MAX Collection will continue through showcasing listings in the Globe and Mail and on searchable sites such as the Financial Post, National Post and Business Insider

As of June 5, we will launch an 8 week campaign into the recreational market, with hundreds of billboards, bus ads and radio spots and continue with the RE/MAX Collection print and online insertions and placements.

Digital Marketing continues to be a hot topic and we will continue to be innovative in leveraging all online tools such as Facebook ad campaigns, blog posts, search engine optimization and search engine marketing to garner more traffic to to generate the most leads as possible. With these efforts RE/MAX will continue to consistently rank in the top five Organic search results for thousands of Real Estate searches on Google.

With this robust media campaign, we are expecting to generate over 1 billion media impressions! This means, an even higher level of visibility in your market, securing RE/MAX as the most thought of real estate brand.

See below for a video sharing what you can expect to see, & make sure you visit the Resource Card in RE/MAX Launchpad to download customizable templates of the upcoming campaign for your market specific use!

Click the Button Below to go to RE/MAX Launchpad!


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