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Delivering customized marketing content, at the right time, for your listings.

It’s here! As of March 5th, Design Center Automation is now available to you, delivering customized marketing materials right to your inbox to promote the key events during the life of your listings. You’ll receive one marketing package for each listing, with customized materials like: FB Boosted Ads, Social Media Posts, Flyers, Postcards, E-postcards, Virtual Tours, and YouTube videos.

Key Features & Benefits of Design Center Automation:

  • Integrated marketing solution
  • Auto-customized marketing material delivered directly to them
  • Cost reduction and time saving
  • Repeat business and referrals

Watch the video below to learn how you will start saving time and money on the promotion of your listings!

Important! In order to receive customized marketing packages for your listings, you will need to have your LeadStreet account properly configured to syndicate your listings. Find out if your LeadStreet account has been properly set up!

We learned a lot from this launch in our US regions, so we have compiled the most frequently asked questions and answers below. Take a look at these before you reach out to the Support Team!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How long does it take to receive the automated package? It can take up to two business days for the marketing package to be delivered to the agent’s email. Email packages are sent out daily between 7-11am EST every day.
  2. What if I don’t receive the automated package? First, you will want to make sure the correct email address is entered in your Design Center profile. You can also access the automated package that was created for you in your Design Center account by accessing Design Center, selecting the ‘Projects’ tab at the top of the page, and scrolling down to the ‘Projects Folder’ section.
  3. Why did I get a ‘Just Sold’ package if the property hasn’t sold yet? If an active listing is no longer available in the feed, Design Center automatically creates a ‘Just Sold’ package. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way for us to identify in the Design Center feed if a listing is sold or was just marked as inactive. If you receive a ‘Just Sold’ package for a listing that did not sell, please disregard the email.
  4. I have several listings, but I’m not receiving any of the automated packages and they aren’t available in my Design Center account. In order for your listings to be available in your Design Center account, the listings must be in your LeadStreet account. If your listings are not in your LeadStreet account, please reach out to the Support Team and provide the MLS ID# for one of your active listings and we will be able to setup your account.
  5. I’m the co-listing agent, but I’m not receiving the automated packages. What’s going on? At this time, only the primary listing agent will receive the automated packages. The co-listing agent can still create their own marketing packages through Design Center for that listing.

Starting March 5 you will start to receive marketing packages in your email for any listing you activated or that has been activated in the 7 days pre-launch (as of February 26th). To customize or manage any marketing materials for listings, navigate to the Listings Tab in Design Center.

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