Creating Snackable Content

I don’t know about you, but there always seems to be food in our office. Especially around the holidays. And you can always tell what kind of food is going to be the most popular. It’s usually the small, bite sized food. Something that can be easily swiped on the way to the copier when no one is looking. Cake? No one is going to eat that! You have to cut it, put it on a plate, find a fork… forget it. But something quick, and snackable? That is sure to be a hit.  

This is a very basic infographic highlighting what snackable content is and the importance of it.

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Your online content is no different. You know that you need to be creating content to share with your online audience. It’s so important to engage with your online connections, and use your content to start conversations. But those connections are becoming more and more mobile; they are reading your website, blog, Facebook posts, and tweets on their mobile devices. They are consuming your content in ways that take less time, and less energy. So your content needs to be more easily consumable.

When you are engaging with your online audience, your message needs to be: Quick, To the point, Useful, Valuable, Bite sized, and Snackable. This is the key to getting your audience to read, engage with, and share your message. Think videos, photos, and quotes. Naturally, these are some of the most shared content online as they are easily read and consumed on a mobile device, and without a large investment of time.

Take a look at the content you are sharing online – on your website, blog, e-newsletter, and social media sites. Does your content pass the snackable test? I think you’ll find that making it more concise and more shareable will make a big difference.


Written by Valerie Garcia
RE/MAX Ontario-Atlantic Canada Inc. | Senior Technology Coach

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