Customizing on Design Centre: We Know Photos

I KNOW Real Estate

Today’s world is not always composed of straight lines, and we know that standard resources won’t always fit your needs. Which is why we’re always exploring new ideas on how to back our reputation of providing the best tools and materials to our network.

With the 2017 Media Campaign in full swing and our mission of increasing brand presence being tackled, we’ve provided an album of We Know photos on Facebook in order to help you all engage in this competitive advantage. This album includes an assortment of photos for you to share, but we wanted to provide you with more than that.

For this reason, we have created a new feature on Design Centre that allows you to customize your very own WE KNOW or I KNOW Campaign photos! This unique solution will give you more options:

  • Choose your own photo or choose between one of the stock images provided
  • Modify the text to match your personal specifications
  • Share

The steps below will help guide you on how to create your own WE KNOW/I KNOW Campaign social photos! With this resource, you can share your expertise, the area you serve, and overall decide on the message you want to portray.

  1. Log-in to Design Centre
  2. Search either the “I KNOW Facebook Cover” or the “WE KNOW Facebook Cover”
  3. Save Project Name and Continue
  4. Replace photo with a photo of choice (the Stock Photos folder has a lot of options too)
  5. Save and Continue
  6. Change headline accordingly

There are a few examples below to give you an idea of what you can create, but don’t stop here; feel free to express a business characteristic, personal attribute, or your team mission!

I KNOW Real Estate
I KNOW Real Estate 2
WE KNOW Downtown [City]
WE KNOW Toronto


I KNOW and WE KNOW customizable logos are now available on Design Centre too! Once you log-in to the Design Centre, search “I KNOW” or “WE KNOW” and there will be various versions of logos you can choose to work with!



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