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Real Estate Tech & Apps

Are you fully aware and educated on all the technology already in front of you or do you try to keep up with the “the latest and greatest” and get overwhelmed? Every day in real estate, there seems to be a “shiny” new app, tool, or system that is going to be a “game-changer.” How do you make sense of it all? We are going to take you on an enlightening journey taking a look at capitalizing both technology that is existing and yes, you get to see new tech and apps too! Most importantly, we will show you how to use these platforms to generate, nurture, and close business! Join us for this 30-minute power session this Summer!

  • What you are NOT using your smartphone for, but should be
  • Google suite, apps, Gmail, SEO, and more!
  • The coolest real estate apps out there
  • Cloud storage tips and options
  • Video and photo sharing apps
  • Client service with technology

30 minute LIVE virtual session!
Hosted by: Michelle Hoyt | RE/MAX INTEGRA

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