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RE/MAX INTEGRA, Ontario-Atlantic Canada is pleased to welcome e-Z-max Solutions Inc as a 2018 preferred partner.

Today, broker/owners are contending with an ever-changing technological and commercial landscape. In contrast to the real estate industry a decade ago, mobile technology now reigns supreme and buyers expect increased responsiveness when purchasing a home. Brokerages have invested heavily in tools to increase productivity, but often lack a way to integrate them all. Agents are increasingly working remotely and conducting transactions 24 hours a day on laptops and cell phones. Brokerages have come to realize that they need a unifying solution that brings all their moving parts together and can keep up with this changing environment. One provider of such a solution is eZmax.

Largely unknown outside of Quebec before 2017, eZmax Solutions has been providing a cutting-edge suite of real estate applications for over 12 years. With thousands of satisfied users, it is no wonder that eZmax Solutions is now undertaking a pan-Canadian expansion. eZmax has already been selected in 2018 as a preferred partner by top franchises in Canada and is now on the road to making other exciting partnerships in the years to come. Its unique solution is gaining traction coast to coast, and as potential users learn more about what eZmax can do, it isn’t difficult to see why.

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eZmax is an alternative that many brokerages didn’t even realize they had for a truly unified brokerage management platform. It manages everything a brokerage needs, from accounting and back office management to electronic signatures, and electronic document management while also serving as an effective tool for communicating with agents. Brokerages must account for a staggering number of tasks. eZmax is an ideal way to manage these tasks because it allows brokerages to unify and automate most of their administrative processes from a single dashboard. It is customizable, yet highly scalable, making it perfect for brokerages of all sizes. Most impressive of all, eZmax has made its mark in the realm of customer service, positioning itself as an undeniably customer-centric company with a remarkable 96.8% customer satisfaction rate.

eZmax has four main product categories: real estate brokerage accounting and back office management, electronic document management (EDM), transaction management, and the most robust e-signature product on the market. Each product is entirely native, meaning users experience seamless compatibility between products. All products are also entirely web-based, meaning that one or all of them can be used by as many users as necessary and from wherever they work.

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eZmax’s accounting software includes all of the features brokerages have come to expect from a robust accounting solution, from invoicing and payroll to general ledger analysis and pre-authorized credit card transactions. Its powerful invoicing feature facilitates recurrent monthly billing and helps brokerages track and manage costs and commission payouts, which is all the more important in today’s competitive environment.

In a move towards environmental sustainability and reduced waste, the world is gradually going paperless. While hard paper copies will probably never completely disappear from real estate, many brokerages want to empty their filing cabinets and reduce clutter thanks to advances in electronic document management (EDM). With other systems, the transition to paperless is rarely as seamless as brokerages expect and staff are often forced to revert to sticky notes and paper files to ensure everything is done. Not so with eZmax. It cuts down on paper pushing with its built-in digital conversion and archiving tools, facilitates document transfers and sharing, and allows users to access documents from anywhere with an internet connection. eZmax makes redundant paper files a thing of the past.

eZmax’s most powerful module is eZsign, its fully integrated and native e-signature solution. Since eZsign was implemented in 2015, it has facilitated the electronic signing of more than five million documents. It is easy to use, highly secure, and compliant with all relevant industry standards. Best of all, clients are thrilled that they can sign documents from their phone without having to come into the office or having to find so much as a pen. Curious agents can also try eZsign for free.

Busy broker/owners and their agents have a mind-boggling number of things to track. eZmax’s transaction management solution efficiently ties all of the other modules together, allowing users to manage all of their tasks from a unified, centralized platform. Agents and brokers can track listings and sales, view statistics, send and archive files, request and track e-signatures, and access accounting documents—all from within the management dashboard. eZmax’s full web-based platform is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, and many of the most useful features are available through its mobile app.

Its impressive features notwithstanding, eZmax is more than just a technology solution—it is a people solution. eZmax has made a name for itself by ensuring that its solutions are tailored to meet its customers’ needs. eZmax has a proven change management process that anticipates customer pain points by interviewing a brokerage’s staff and developing a customized training and rollout schedule prior to launching its modules. Broker/owners get to set the pace and eZmax provides top of the line on-site training and customer support every step of the way. Sylvie Beaudoin of RE/MAX Extra in Beloeil, just outside of Montreal, said, “We had a little anxiety about integrating to a new system, but with the online training and availability from the technical support team, the change was very fast and efficient. The software is very accessible and easy to understand.”

If your colleagues and competitors aren’t using eZmax yet, they will be soon. No other company provides as many features in a seamless, native suite of applications. But most importantly of all, no other company cares as much about its customers.

To find out more, visit www.ezmax.ca or call for a free demo at 1-844-43-EZMAX (1-844-433-9629).

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