Facebook Pages 101 – Part 2: Top 5 ways to Generate Content

Facebook Pages Part 2 - facebookwordcloudLast week we introduced the first of a four-part series highlighting all that you need to know in order to make your new or existing Facebook Business Page a lasting success. We discussed the evolution of marketing and how it has grown into what we know it today – a combination of push and pull advertising, with social media at the forefront of every marketer’s creative minds. If we haven’t convinced you yet that this social media phenomenon is here to stay, hopefully this will: A recent study indicated that 93% of professional markets admitted to increasing their Social Media ad spend for 2014.

Before we begin, we want you to take a deep breath as you’ve made it past the hardest part – you’ve created a page (assuming you followed last week’s steps)! Now it’s time to put content on your page, but we don’t want you using just any kind of content — we want you to use and create fresh and original content. Content that is sure to generate the engagement you deserve. There are many ways for you to go about creating content; however we are going to focus on 5 that we believe give you the most value. In other words, give you the most bang for your buck.


1. Adding Videos/Links
There is a lot of valuable content out there, so why not share it! Sharing videos and links to pre- existing content is the best type of content to share. Its quick, it’s easy, and most importantly it’s relevant! A few things to keep in mind when sharing links and videos:

  • The best feature by far, which is exclusive to pages, is that you can upload a custom image to the article if the ones that Facebook automatically generate do not suit your needs
  • You can also pre-schedule content ahead of time via the automatic scheduler that is built into Facebook. However don’t just say it and leave it. You must come back to review comments that your fans have left. (See Scheduled Content below for more)
  • When posting an article to your page, once Facebook has generated the links content, don’t forget to remove the link. Watch this video for further explanation.
Image c/o: readingitaly.wordpress.com

Image c/o: readingitaly.wordpress.com

2. Adding Photos
You’ve heard the saying before, “a picture is worth a thousand words” – so share them so that they can do the talking instead of you! Adding photos to Facebook is a simple process, which is a great thing considering photos are the second best type of content to share on Facebook. There are two ways to add photos to your Facebook page. You can either post individual photos directly to your page or you can upload multiple photos and create an album. Whichever method you choose (both is an option), below are few ideas of the types of photos you can share (oh and don’t forget to include a caption that probes curiosity):

  • Showcase listings by either uploading the one hero image or a series of images from the listing
  • Photos from a recent open house
  • Photos from a recent office event or training session you’ve attended
  • Testimonials
  • Motivational quotes

This is an image of the words A picture is Worth a 1,000 words in a frame

3. Sharing Others Content
Every day billions of people post a variety of things, so breaking through the clutter can be a difficult task. Instead of adding different chatter on top of the conversations that are already taking place, why not share/add to them!? Sharing other peoples content is another great way to populate your Facebook page as it helps take the pressure off coming up with fresh original content all the time. Whether it’s a motivational quote or new trends that one of the many interior decorating magazines has posted, don’t forget to add in your own thoughts and insights.

Facebook Pages part 2 - keep calm and share

4. Scheduled Content
Another benefit to having a Facebook page is that it allows you to pre-schedule content ahead of time. Using Facebook’s automatic scheduler, which is built in to Facebook itself, allows you to plan your weeks in advance. Say you decided that every Friday you want to publish a fun fact about Real Estate to your page, by using the Facebook Scheduler, you can set the expectation with your fans that every Friday at 9:30am your Friday Fun Fact will be posted and live for them to view. However as we mentioned above, we don’t want you to just say it and leave it. It is important to come back and observe who has commented, liked and share your posts. Monitoring and engaging with your fans activity, will promote further engagement. This should be one of your larger overall goals.

Image c/o: blog.credit.com

Image c/o: blog.credit.com

5. Community Pages
If you haven’t already noticed, there is a sense of community on Facebook. People go on to share and talk about their own insights and experiences about places, products and services. The reasons for why they do this could be endless, but one of the main reasons is that people want to show off their knowledge and expertise on certain topics. Community Pages , as defined by Facebook, do just that – they “show that your Page is about an organization, celebrity or topic but doesn’t officially represent it”. In essence, one individual leads the page (you) and can invite others (stores, coffee shops, and other spots local to your farming as well as clients) to visit and contribute to the conversation. This is a great place to share everything you know and everything you need to know about a specific area. Eventually you will be viewed as the ‘community’ expert.

Image c/o: evergreenpdx.org

Image c/o: evergreenpdx.org

This is part 2 of the 4-part Facebook Pages 101 series. Stay tuned next week Thursday to learn more about promoting your Facebook Business Page!

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