Facebook Pages 101 – Part 4: Top 5 Things to Track

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Four weeks ago, we posted the first in a four part series in hopes of making you a Facebook Business Page expert. Before we dive into the final week on The Top 5 Things you Should Track, let’s take a second to test your knowledge by doing a quick recap of everything we have gone over in the last couple weeks.

In week 1, we talked about the benefits of using the Facebook Business Page. Besides the opportunity to reach everyone in your network with the limitless friend options, you can easily track, promote, and share responsibility when it comes to posting content and managing your page. The Facebook Business Page is also a great way for you to separate your personal life, which can be displayed on your personal profile, from your professional business life, which should be displayed on your business page. After all, not everyone wants to know what you ate for breakfast!

After convincing you that the Facebook Business page is a great way to promote your business, we dove right into week 2 where we discussed the type of content you should be posting. So, what do you need to know? Start by adding and sharing interesting videos and photos. There is no shortage of informative content, so start sharing it with your audience! Now that you know what to post, start planning ahead by pre-scheduling content. It will save you time and help ensure that your posts are consistent. Last but not least, create a community page and encourage your network to share in the conversation. It is a great way to generate content without taking all the responsibility for creating it.

Even with great content, your page won’t get very far if you don’t promote it! In week 3, we talked about the Top 5 Ways to Promote your Page. One of the best and easiest places to start is with your existing friends. Invite them to like and follow your page and let them know how they can benefit from following you. Also, make sure you utilize the tools that are available to you! Use Facebook Advertising and promoted posts to get your content out there. You can also create a vanity page name that will look professional when you include it in any of your marketing materials.

Last but not least, in the final week of the Facebook Business Page 101 series, we will be going over what you should track. The following tips will help you not only track your posts, but they will help you create the content that your audience wants to see and show you exactly when you should be posting it to create the biggest impact.

1.)    Likes

The first thing you should track is the likes on your page. Once in your Facebook Insights, you will see a task bar along the top of the page that includes tabs on the various things you can track. Once in the “Likes” section, you will be able to track the growth of your likes, the number of likes and unlikes you receive on a daily basis, and where your likes are coming from. When it comes to the unlikes on your page, remind yourself not to stress out – it happens! However, if you see a large amount of unlikes after posting about a particular topic, you may want to consider avoiding a post that is similar in the future.

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2.)    Reach

Your reach refers to the number of people who saw the activity on your page including posts, likes mentions and check-ins. With your Facebook insights, you can learn the number of people who saw your posts on a day-to-day basis as well as the number of comments, likes, and shares. This is very important for you to track so you can plan to share the type of content that achieves the highest reach based on these insights.

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3.)    Visits

Tracking the number of people who visit your page can be done by clicking the fourth tab along the task bar at the top of your insights dashboard called “Visits”. The first graph that will appear will show you what your audience is looking at when they visit your page. If you see that your photos are being viewed often, it might be a good reminder that you should post more. Further down the page, you will see a graph that mentions, check-ins, and posts by others on your page. Last but definitely not least, you will see a graph that shows you where your viewers are coming from. This is a great tool if you are trying to, for example, drive traffic from your blog to your Facebook Page because you will be able to see whether or not it is working.

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4.)    Posts

Wouldn’t it be nice to see exactly which posts receive the most attention on your page? With Facebook Insights, you can! By clicking on the fifth tab, you will see a graph that shows you exactly what time your audience is viewing your page at. This will help you to plan out your content to ensure your posting when they highest number of people will see it. If you keep travelling down the page, you will see a breakdown of the date you made the post, the actual post, as well as the reach and the number of people who engaged with the post.

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5.)    People

You may refer to them as your “audience” or maybe they are your “network”, or since it is Facebook, your “friends”. So, who exactly are these people? By clicking the final tab in the task bar, you will be able to see who exactly your fans are. You will be able to see their sex, age, as well as the country and city they are from and the language they speak.

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Basically, if there is anything you would like to learn or find out about what you’re posting, or who you are sharing it with, you can see it with Facebook Insights. That being said, Facebook is constantly making new updates and improvements. At the beginning of October, Facebook unveiled a new and improved version of Facebook insights that provides users with more information that they can leverage for their business. For more information, watch this video to learn about the improvements so you can start using them to track the content on your Facebook Business Page.

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