Faster, Better, More Accurate: Introducing The New

The is here

Canada’s number 1 branded real estate website just got faster, better, and more accurate.

It’s official! The new has landed and it’s ready for you and your clients to use. The new has the user-friendly, mobile-first design that is essential to stand out with today’s savvy consumers.

Here are the new features you need to know about and how they will help you, your clients, and your sales.

What’s changed with the new

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1. Up to 80% increase in listing loading speed

Your listings will appear on quicker, getting more eyeballs on them faster than ever before. This increased listing time in front of consumers means the potential for more exposure on your listings and ultimately the potential for more sales.


2. Significant increase in listing loading accuracy & mapping data

With the new increase in listing loading accuracy and mapping data, you can now spend less time troubleshooting listing issues and more time hustling. This also brings better surfacing through website search and Google search. Again, this means there’s more potential for more eyeballs on your listings and more sales.


3. Mobile-first design

We know that your clients need to have listings available to them on their mobile devices – anytime, anywhere. That’s why we’ve updated the mobile experience so that consumers and agents enjoy a premier experience on their devices, no matter what device they might be using.

4. COMING SOON: 4,500+ neighbourhood profiles with curated content

On July 31, new, hyper-local neighbourhood profiles with curated content will hit This tool will help you further demonstrate your neighbourhood expertise. The tool also enhances our search engine optimization (SEO), which will drive up to 25% more websites sessions*. What does that mean exactly? When your client searches for “houses for sale in (any given neighbourhood)”, and your listings will rise on the search results list, making your listings more visible to important consumer eyes.
**Results will take 6-8 months, dependent on location.


5. COMING SOON: Team Awards and Open Houses

Also coming to the site at the end of July are the Team Awards features and Open Houses. Team Awards will be visible on Agent profiles on the website, adding credibility to your profiles. Plus, to make open houses even more successful, open house information will be available right on the listing itself so consumers will have all the information they need to make it to viewings.


Share the exciting news with your colleagues, clients, and competitors and take a peak at the new website for yourself!



Changes that could affect you and your clients

  • Pre-existing users (consumers) will be asked to create a new password when they try to login to the new site for the first time. Once they create the new password and login, all their pre-existing “Favourites” should still be present on the new site.
  • The SMS Curbside Marketing Listing SMS feature has been removed.
  • The Enhanced Listing Manager (ELM) where Agents can create exclusive listings or enhance pre-existing listings will no longer be available. Pre-existing exclusive listings have been moved over to the new site. However, Agents will not be able to create new listings until the new ELM is in place in September.


Optimize your profile to match the website:

  • Make sure your profile photo is up to date and uploaded to your profile.
  • Confirm the accuracy of your contact location.
  • Promote the new to your clients.

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