Four Simple Steps to Increase Your Listing Inventory

Low Inventory

If you had a chance to check out our latest Spring Market Trends Report, one thing you may have noticed was competition, especially in Toronto and Vancouver, discouraged sellers from listing their properties, which lead to a further reduction in inventory. While they know their home will sell quickly, the idea of entering the highly competitive market as a buyer has held them back.

Luckily, Sales & Business Coach Bruce Keith has the four simple steps you need to know about to increase your listing inventory. With the extreme shortage of inventory these days, he shares a proven approach to helping your Sellers understand the “window of opportunity” that is available for them. By following these four easy steps with confidence, you will begin to see results in this highly competitive market.

About Bruce Keith:

Bruce Keith is a speaker, sales coach, and author at Bruce Keith Results. Inman News recently honoured Bruce as one of the 25 “Best Real Estate Coaches in the Business”. You can follow him on Twitter or Facebook.

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