Get Personal with the RedStamp App

Red StampWith the holiday season quickly approaching; our introduction to the Red Stamp app couldn’t be timelier!

WHAT: Red Stamp is an app that allows you to create visually captivating cards, notes, invitations, etc, which can be sent directly from your mobile device or tablet, whether it be by email, text or social. Best of all — this app is free and available from the iTunes app store!

Why: Keeping in touch with clients is a major component to the success of our business and when we say ‘keeping in touch’ we mean beyond a monthly market update call/mail out. Utilize Red Stamp to send personalized messages to clients.  With ease, you can quickly create them from the touch of a few buttons directly on your mobile phone. Attach a photo, add a few words, then you’re ready to hit send!

HOW: Download the app, for free, from the iTunes store.  When creating an account, you have the option to sign up using either your email or Facebook account.  Signing up with your Facebook account allows you to directly import contacts – making the sharing and distribution process that much easier.

Red Stamp Example

To see a video on how to use this app take a look at this video.

Here are a few additional tips on how you can utilize Red Stamp for Real Estate:

  • Take a picture of the front of a house and send an invitation to an upcoming Open House
  • Snap a picture of your buyers in front of their new home and send them a congratulations card
  • Use it to send invitations to a client appreciation party
  • Send thank you notes to new people you’ve met at a conference
  • Use as part of drip campaign with the “Just Because” options

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