Get Ready for Month of Miracles

Get Ready for Month of Miracles

Did you know that nearly 90% of consumers are more likely to choose a brand associated with a cause or charity and who is currently making a positive impact on the environment and people in their community*? On top of that, nearly 80% of consumers would refer a brand that is both socially responsible and that they’ve had a positive experience with in the past**.

Commitment to community is something that is deeply ingrained within the RE/MAX network. Since 1992, RE/MAX has been a leader in raising funds for the Children’s Miracle Network member hospitals having raised over $138 million to date in Canada and the United States. Last year alone, RE/MAX agents in Canada were able to raise an impressive $4 million, and we’re ready to do it again in 2015! With your help, we help 14 children’s hospitals that currently care for more than 2.3 million children every year.

The dollars RE/MAX agents raise are invested in top priority areas such as critical research, innovative education, exceptional clinical care, and helping children reach their fullest potential. We help kids feel like kids again!

By contributing to the Month of Miracles and actively participating in miracle programs and events, you are displaying your commitment to bettering the lives of children in our local children’s hospitals, therefore, presenting yourself as socially responsible and supportive of the children who need your help.

Below are some of the ways you can get involved with Month of Miracles and CMN:

Put your money where the Miracles are. Support Children’s Miracle Network.

*2015 CONE report

** abid


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