Get to know the NEW RE/MAX Home Buyer’s Guide

Get to know the NEW RE/MAX Home Buyer’s Guide

Why RE/MAX? It’s a question that rarely needs to be asked, but one that can be answered quite simply; when you want the best, you go to the best.

There is more to buying a house than simply finding the perfect location, or the ideal number of bedrooms. While curb appeal, home staging, and top marketing strategies are what help you sell a house, your passion and dedication to RE/MAX and the real estate industry are what it takes to help a family find a place to call home.

It is that understanding that has helped you sell more homes in Canada than your competitors in over 150 different markets.  With a strong worldwide presence, professionalism, and world class resources standing behind you 100% of the way, the sky is limit.

In an effort to help you achieve your goals we are constantly seeking opportunities to provide you with the information and resources that no one else can. The latest example of this is the RE/MAX Home Buyer’s Guide, a comprehensive 12-step resource that can be accessed from the homepage.

So, what is the RE/MAX Home Buyer’s Guide?

A new resource on designed to help guide consumers through the buying process

Using inbound marketing software, we are able to deliver valuable information to consumers on a weekly basis throughout their home buying process. Providing this free resource will attract consumers to the RE/MAX website and brand, which will in turn make using RE/MAX agent top of mind for all of their home buying and selling needs.

How Can You Leverage the RE/MAX Home Buyers Guide?

You know better than anyone that the home buying process is exciting, but can be overwhelming, especially for first time buyers. The Home Buyer’s Guide has all the information your clients need, meaning all you need to do is make sure they know where to find it and when to use it. Each week, we will be providing you with information on how you can leverage a different step in the guide for your clients. Make sure to follow along on our blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest for examples on how you can benefit from this campaign.

BONUS! #GuideYouHome Contest for RE/MAX Agents

Since this campaign focuses on delivering information to consumers, we want to make sure you get the greatest benefit from sharing the material.  As you know, social media is a great tool for allowing content to grow, expand, and reach a wide audience.

Each week, we will be sharing information from the guide to consumers, and we want to see you do the same! Get your creative juices flowing by using the hashtag #GuideYouHome and tagging @REMAXca to share this valuable information with your network. For the next 12 weeks, Look below each blog post for some examples you can simply copy and paste, or step outside of the box and come up with some creative content of your own.

Each time you tweet or re-tweet on Twitter, you will be entered into the draw for one of 4 $50 gift card to Home Sense. How you choose to use them is up to you, however they would make for amazing thank you gifts to your clients upon closing! Stay tuned for our next blog post to see full rules and regulations surrounding the #GuideYouHome Contest for RE/MAX Agents.

Do you have any questions about the RE/MAX Home Buyer’s Guide? Make sure you leave your comments below, or ask them on Facebook or Twitter to help ensure you leverage this campaign to its full potential!

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