Going Paperless with Cartavi

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In no time at all, Cartavi and Docusign will be changing the game when it comes to Real Estate transactions. Going paperless is something people have been dreaming of, and it is about to become a reality. Here’s how Cartavi is making transactions simple, mobile, and secure:

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Using new applications should be nothing short of simple and Cartavi wants to easily empower you to become “almost” paperless.

  • Easily drag and drop files from your desktop or Dropbox folder right into Cartavi
  • Have documents signed to a assigned email or fax number so that they automatically land in your Cartavi folders
  • Customize the stamps for client instructions, ie.  “Sign Here”, “Date”, “Initial”



Being a paperless agent also means having access to all your documents, wherever you go.  Cartavi does that by allowing you to access your account via web or mobile platforms.

  • The app is compatible with iOS, Android and available on the web (for Blackberry and Windows users).  This makes creating, editing and sending documents easier than ever.
  • Clients can easily open and sign documents on their mobile devices.  Even if they don’t have an account they can access the files and an account is created for them with no payment information required
  • When a client has signed a document, you receive a notification to your device notifying you the task as been completed



The nerves and skepticism that come with new technologies can sometimes be a challenge to break through- especially when it comes to secure documents. Find out how Cartavi is taking on these challenges:

  • 95 of the fortune 500 companies have chosen Cartavi after it being researched and investigated by both their legal and technology departments.
  • Log-ins are completely secure
  • Easily add people to each transaction you make by setting permissions to include them. This means that they will only be able to see the documents you give them permission to see.


To learn more about how you can go paperless, take a look at this RE/MAX Ontario-Atlantic Canada exclusive webinar, featuring Cartavi, which aired LIVE on Friday September 27, 2013.

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