Goodbye BestAgent, Hello RE/MAX Launchpad!


What good are the tools and resources necessary for your business, if you can’t find them? This is a question we hope you never have to ask, which is why we have outlined where you can easily find all of our tools essential to building and growing a successful business.

After years of all of these tools and resources being made available on, the day has come to officially say goodbye. Before panic sets in, we aren’t leaving you high and dry to navigate through RE/MAX Launchpad. Looking for Fast Facts, Market Share Reports or graphic guidelines? Through RE/MAX Launchpad, every resource you need is easier than ever to access with one simple sign-on.

We’ve created this helpful cheat sheet below and encourage you to save a copy so you always know how to access the resources you are looking for in the future.

REMAX Launchpad Cheat Sheet


If you have any questions about any of the RE/MAX tools and resources, make sure you reach out to!

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