Great Agents, Backed by Great Tools | The Groundbreaking 2019 Media Campaign


You’ve seen the groundbreaking customizable video tool, now it’s time to see the rest of the 2019 RE/MAX media campaign, featuring the popular slogan “That’s the Sign of a RE/MAX Agent”.

The custom videos are just one piece of a comprehensive campaign being served to consumers through digital and social advertising and the use of paid search ads on Google and Bing, display ads, native ads, and video, as well as traditional social channels like Facebook and Instagram.

Already featured in AdAge as the Editors Pick, this 2019 campaign was a partnership between RE/MAX INTEGRA, RE/MAX LLC. and their award-winning agency Camp + King. The idea behind the campaign was to reinforce one simple, consistent message: when we combine the country’s most productive real estate agents with the best technology, great things happen.

Looking for Marketing Materials? We’ve Got You Covered.

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Whether it’s a targeted digital ad for Millennials or Baby Boomers, a billboard template or a plethora of print ads to add to your marketing arsenal, you can find all of the campaign assets on RE/MAX Launchpad or at Use these in your marketing efforts and make this campaign work for you.


Special for Social: We’ve Done This a Million Times

We’ve also launched a series of videos designed for social. These humorous videos focus on the pain points many buyers or sellers experience, and highlight the fact that as a RE/MAX Agent, they have nothing to worry about because you’ve “done this a million times”. This line works in situations when a RE/MAX Agent can offer a solution (based on those years of experience) to a homebuyers/sellers, like pricing a home or negotiating. You can access all of the social videos on our YouTube channel or RE/MAX Launchpad.


Behind the Scenes: How the Campaign was Created

Extensive research was done to get into the minds of today’s real estate customers. Before the cameras rolled, Camp + King interviewed more than 1,500 buyers and sellers across the U.S. and Canada to better understand what they value most in a real estate agent.

The research provided a wealth of information, and ultimately set the stage for the great-agent-meets-great-technology messaging. Consumers want Agents who have the real estate experience, knowledge, and the best tools and resources at their disposal for their clients.

Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 9.39.23 AM

BONUS: Create Your Own Commercial and Win $500 to Promote It!

As a bonus, from now until February 8 we will be running a contest, awarding one lucky winner $500 to use towards promoting their commercial. To enter, just post your video to your Facebook page, tag @REMAXOA and use the hashtag #RelaxWithREMAX. Psst! Make sure your video is “Public” so we can see it! Get started at:

Commercial Contest (2)

If you have any questions about the Media Campaign, how to use these assets in your business or just want to chat about marketing, connect with your Regional Marketing Manager, Anthony Volpini.

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