Host a Yard Sale for the Cure this year in support of Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation!


The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation Yard Sale for the Cure is just around the corner, taking place on May 23, 2015. Thanks to agents like you, RE/MAX has raised almost $700,000 through Yard Sale for the Cure! Are you hosting this year?

One in nine Canadian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. It is the most common cancer among Canadian women over the age of 20 with an estimated 24,400 women diagnosed in 2014. Thanks to advancements in early detection, diagnosis, and treatment, the mortality rates have gone down by 43 percent since the 1980s.

With that being said, there is still work to be done and by hosting a Yard Sale for the Cure, you can do your part. Hosting a sale might sound like a lot of work, but you’d be surprised how easy and fun it can be!

Register online* to host a yard sale and follow these simple steps for success:

Image-1 1. Get organized
Start collecting your old items and ask friends, family and clients to donate.
Image-21 2. Rally the troops
Get your clients and local shops in on the fun to make your sale an event to remember!
3. Spread the word
Use our tools to start advertising the sale and make sure all your friends and family mark it down in their calendars.

*When registering please be sure to put your office name in the Yard Sale name field.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Sabrina Prodger at or 1-866-373-6313 ext. 601.

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