Hosting a Successful Sales Meeting this Spring!

Sales Meeting Tips

Sales meetings are not only an opportunity for Broker/Owners to get their agents together in one room, it is an opportunity for agents to get the information they need to make an impact on their business this spring. With the busy season in full swing, extra time is something most agents don’t have, fortunately, these tips will help Broker/Owners prove the value in agents attending sales meetings this month:

1. Share How to Create a virtual tour in Design Centre:
Show agents how to create a non-branded virtual tour in Design Centre. Watch the five minute video on RISE called “Creating Non-Branded Virtual Tours” to show you the step-by-step process.

2. How to Navigate the RE/MAX Launchpad
Get back to basics by ensuring all your agents are familiar with our single sign-in to access the latest RE/MAX INTEGRA has to offer. This is where they can access all RE/MAX tools and websites, and the tools offered by our partners. Watch the RISE video called “How to navigate the RE/MAX Launchpad”

3. Lead Generations
Discuss the different ways lead are generated through to make sure your agents are understanding the difference between DDF and non-DDF leads. Watch the RISE video called “How Leads are distributed” to better understand the flow and make sure they know that the faster they accept the lead, the higher chances they have of getting that lead.

4. The “Dreaded” Video
Discuss the importance of incorporating video into marketing and online presence. Tell your agents about Bomb Bomb and watch the RISE video called “What is Bomb Bomb” for the basics.

Last but not least, don’t forget to have fun! Start your meetings on a positive note by sharing special announcements, exciting news, and positive updates. Another great way to add some fun to your meetings: snacks! Make it a potluck, or take turns bringing in treats to help make sales meetings more enjoyable for agents.

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