Every day, we are bombarded with information overload. It seems as though there are constantly new technology updates, new best practices, and a hot new social network.  It’s exciting and daunting all at the same time. However it can be overwhelming, even for those of us who are the most savvy.

With winter quickly approaching, its inevitable that we will be even more inclined to stay indoors, spending numerous hours on our devices, constantly hitting refresh on our various news feeds. That said, whether you are an early adopter or just getting started, here are some tips on how you can help beat the technology blues:

How To Beat The Technology Blues #INFOGRAPHIC1. Turn off

If the power of social media and new tools is starting to put pressure on you, take a day off.  Spend some time interacting in person with friends, family, and coworkers.  Don’t check your emails while you’re out, don’t status update your every move, and make a point of having a face to face conversation.  That is after all, what social media is. It is an extension of our offline conversations. So, take a guilt free day and connect with people outside of your social atmosphere.

2. Re Visit Your Goals

Take a moment and ask yourself how all these tools and apps are benefiting you. Are you really working smarter because of them?  Think about what some of your strategies were and analyze some of the results you have been seeing. Is your business still heading in the same direction?  Think of how using these tools will help you get your message across and how they can help you gain more followers and contacts. Also, think about the bigger picture and how using apps can help your business become paperless.

3. Connect With The People You’ve Been Out of Touch With

Have you lost touch with clients you haven’t seen in five or six years? While you might be doing a great job of sending regular flyers or newsletters, why not try a more personal approach. Let Facebook help you step outside of the box by sending them a personal note, invite them to dinner, or host a client appreciation party.  We sometimes get so hooked on getting new “followers” and “likes” that we lose sight of people that have done business with us before.

4. Find Something New

Maybe it’s a new program, someone new to follow, or a new niche you weren’t looking at before.  Go out there and find something that interests you.  Look outside of groups, pages, and conversations that are exclusive to real estate. By expanding your horizons, you will find new interactions, new conversations, new relationships and maybe even new business.

5. Have Fun

Would you keep going back to the same networking group if you weren’t having any fun with the people there? Probably not.  Just because your page is for business does not mean it shouldn’t be fun. Each week, make a point of coming up with new and fun things to teach, discuss or create.  People are online to be social, don’t be afraid to have fun.

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