How to Forward a Lead: aka Let your Leads Live on

WHAT: “Lead Forwarding” is a preference available on LeadStreet that allows you to select another agent from your office to receive your leads.  This agent than has the option to accept or decline the lead.

WHY:  Lead Forwarding is a fantastic solution for distributing leads when working on a team when there is one designated person who handles your LeadStreet Leads. Lead forwarding is also suggested when on vacation so that no lead is left behind while you’re away.

How: To learn more on how to activate Lead Forwarding on LeadStreet, take a look at the video and/or steps below.

  1. Log into
  2. Select the first red tab option, LEADSTREET
  3. Click Preferences (right hand side)
  5. Select Agent
  6. And if desired, select time frame
  7. Save