How to Get Started with Curbside Marketing

Being a part of the RE/MAX network gives you exclusive access to lead generating programs like our Curbside Marketing program.

Are you looking to get started with the SMS Text Messaging program, but are unsure if you’ve registered or not? By logging onto and clicking on the LeadStreet tab, you can see if you’ve had numbers assigned or not.

In the Preferences tab in LeadStreet, under Configure SMS, you’ll either be able to use a drop down menu to assign your codes, or you’ll need to email Web Support at to order your 10 codes.

Watch this short video for step by step instructions or follow the steps below.


Steps for getting started with the Curbside Marketing Program:

  1. Log Into
  2. Click on first tab on the left LEADSTREET.
  3. Click on Preferences in the top right corner.
  4. Click on CONFIGURE SMS
  5. If you do not have assigned numbers it will prompt you to email WebAdmin for your numbers.
  6. If you do have numbers assigned to you, you will see a drop down menu beside your active listings that says “UNASSIGNED”.
  7. Click that drop down menu and you can choose which number you’d like to assign to that listing to.
  8. Finally, when you put a sign on the front lawn of the property, make sure to include a sign rider with the SMS program information. This way, buyers can easily access the property information and you can receive leads.

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