How to Make Your Marketing Budget Count

Make Your Marketing Budget Count

As most people know, often times in order to make money, you need to be willing to spend money. When you have already established your career, that can be relatively easy as your name is already out there and you have the means and more opportunities to be creative in your marketing strategy. However, when you are starting out, this can be very difficult. Not only is your career at its most vulnerable stage, but you are forced to work with a limited budget.

Unfortunately, we all have to understand that nothing in life is free. That being said, marketing doesn’t necessarily have to cost you money. In real estate and so many other industries, time can be just as valuable as money, so if you are willing to put in the time and effort, you can get your career off the ground while stretching your marketing dollars.

1.)    Social Media

With technology today, this one seems relatively obvious. You more than likely already have these accounts for personal use, so why not start leveraging them to expand your business. These are great platforms for getting your name out there and they make it easier than ever to connect with potential clients at no cost to you.

Although you likely already know how to use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other popular platforms, keep in mind that using them for personal use and business use are very different, and some platforms have strict rules and regulations surrounding using them for business. Take the time to research what you are allowed to do, and what you should avoid. Research the benefits of a Facebook Business Page, and learn tips from people who are finding success with Twitter. Once you feel well educated, you can start interacting and engaging with your audience, which will eventually help you to grow it.

Learn the benefits of a Facebook Business Page here.

Learn some tips on leveraging Twitter for your business here.

Having a strong social strategy is important to your success. Learn some tips here.

2.)    Network

Once again, this one seems pretty straight forward. It is one of many words that extroverts can’t get enough of, and introverts cringe at. Some are good at it, and some avoid it at all costs but the fact is, it’s one of best ways to get your name out there, and like social media, costs you nothing but time, and maybe a little courage.

Whether you’re at a friend’s birthday party, or a child’s hockey game, chances are there is someone there you don’t know. Strike up a conversation and introduce yourself. Let them know who you are, and what you do, and make a personal, face to face connection. They may not be looking to buy or sell a home at that very moment, but when the time comes you want them to think of you. Take a look at these top networking tips, and learn some simple ideas that will help you grow your sphere of influence.

3.)    Get Involved

With the weather stating to warm up, people are more willing to spend time outdoors which means there are endless opportunities to get involved in your community. Lend a helping hand at a community garage sale, or take part in a walk or run for an organization you support. Not only will you be helping the community you live and work in, but you can create more connections.

Use social media to share when these events are taking place, and let people know you will be there. Once at the event, use the networking skills you are working on to build connections. Look online for a community website, or look in the newspaper so you can plan the events you would like to attend. If you want to go above and beyond, create a Facebook Page for your community if one hasn’t already been created so you can become the expert and start sharing what is happening around you.

The tools are available for you to use, so the only thing left to do is get started! Just remember that although these methods may not cost you money, they do cost time! In order to get the biggest return, put in the time and put forth your best effort so you can be effective!

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