How to Network and Manage Relationships with RE/MAX Launchpad

How to Network and Manage Relationships with RE/MAX Launchpad

Working in sales, most careers involve providing and selling people the products they need to make their lives easier and more enjoyable. As a real estate sales professional, your job involves so much more than that. Not only are you responsible for selling your valued clients arguably the most important thing they will ever own, but you must provide them with the highest quality service to ensure it is a pleasant experience from the moment they decide to buy, to the moment they turn the key to unlock the door to their new home. It’s important to remember that real estate is a relationship business, and with the help of RE/MAX Launchpad and the many tools available within it, we are helping you network, build, and manage those relationships to ensure your business continues to grow and be successful.


The year is 2015 and our personal networks have never been bigger. The advent of web-based networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook has essentially exploded the number of people that we associate with. This is not a bad thing – it is an incredible opportunity that allows us to draw connections with other humans for many purposes in addition to business.

One simple way Contactually approaches large digital networks is to categorize them into “Buckets.” Each bucket then has a “timer” that holds the professional accountable for staying in touch within a certain amount of days based on the last phone call, email, or in-person meeting.

Most professionals likely have a bucket called “general business contacts.” While they may not necessarily be customers or prospects, you know them somehow and they are now in your network – so what do you do with them? Pull a strategy from Major League Baseball. Create your own farm system in order to cultivate individuals that you can have mutually beneficial relationships with. Instead of having one large bucket for these 100+ business contacts, break it up into a 3-tiered farm league:

The All-Stars: This is the very top tier and a special place in your network. It is reserved for business contacts that could also be called best friends, mentors, or people that I am generally close to. You should probably follow-up with these folks often and keep the door small when letting people in.

The Major League: Just below your All-Stars sits your major league. These relationships are typically the 50-100 people that are solid allies to you and your career. The people here may refer you business or appear with opportunities for you from time to time. The key here is to continue improving your relationships with these contacts in the hopes that you will promote some to the All-Star level.

The Minor League: This is where people should start out when they enter your network. More than likely, these are people that you meet at networking events or get introduced to casually by other contacts. There is not much substance to the relationship yet, but there is opportunity. The primary importance of new additions to the Minor League is that you not only follow up but also follow through with the relationships. Turning relatively new contacts into meaningful relationships is perhaps the most difficult component of the farm system and will take persistent effort.

Top Producer:

Relationships with your clients, both new and old, don’t have to be a lot of work. If you have your contacts in Top Producer, our Follow-up-coach will remind you who you should contact, when and why. Your past clients, sphere, even your new leads should you forget to contact them, will bubble up. One of the best things about this is that we know you’re busy. Follow-up-coach will bubble up 5 contacts at a time. If you complete those 5, give yourself a pat on the back or, click to get 5 more.

Unsure of what to say to your contacts? Follow-up coach provides really simple, personally written emails fit for almost any occasion. The best part of this is that’s it’s mobile and ready to go. From your mobile phone, you can send a text message and go through our easy wrap-up flow to record your connection. If you have Market Snapshot, you can also send them a great, valuable market report on their area. All branded to you as well. Staying in touch and nurturing your relationships has never been easier.

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RESAAS, a cloud-based social business platform for the real estate services industry, is built exclusively for licensed real estate agents, Realtors® and Broker Owners. The tools & services available are designed to help real estate agents generate new business through professional networking and collaboration.


RE/MAX is a powerful worldwide network of 100,000 agents in over 100 countries. This large network of agents across the globe is available at your fingertips with the launch of the RE/MAX Global Referral Exchange, powered by RESAAS. With every RE/MAX agent given their own profile page, the Global Referral Exchange provides agents with a way to explore, connect and generate international referrals in a completely self-serving manner. Join country-specific groups to search for listings or agents in that area. Network with other RE/MAX agents you may not have had an opportunity to do business with, then market your inventory and generate referral business!

This is a free service provided to all RE/MAX agents. Create your free account today at

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Through RE/MAX Launchpad, You can quickly and easily access all these tools and more with a single sign-on. Whether its managing relationships with your clients with the tools above, creating high-end, branded marketing pieces, or exploring the newest tools in video, you can find everything you need and more in this easy to use, easy to find, and easy to navigate resource.


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