“Just Moved” | Help clients Spread the Word with Design Centre

This is an image of the Just Moved card templates available on Design CentreClient gifts are always a great way to personalize and close a transaction, but how about a gift that keeps on giving? After your clients have purchased a new home, why not have their “Just Moved” cards created for them?

The RE/MAX Design Centre has 8 different templates to choose from for “Just Moved” cards that can be printed from home or sent to a professional printer, which will then be delivered to your clients front door.

When logged into Design Centre, click the OCCASION tab, then select “Just Moved” to view all the templates available. You’ll then have the option to add in a personalized message. Since you know your client best, we will leave that up to you to decide, but an example of the type of message you’ll want to include is:. “We’re excited to announce our new address, come visit us at ___replace with new address location___”.  Remember your branding will appear at the back of the card, but it’s in both yours and your clients’ best interest to write the card in such a way that it is coming from them. Not only will your clients love this, their friends and family will get to see the extra mile you went for them – which means new potential clients are on the horizon! Have 20-30 cards printed and deliver them to your clients when they move in!

And because we would like to make this process as easy as possible for you, we provided Step by Step instructions on how to make your ‘Just Moved’ cards:

  1. Log onto BestAgent.ca
  2. Select the Design Centre Tab
  3. Under Projects & Designs choose OCCAISION
  4. Select “Just Moved”
  5. Pick the card you’d like to create
  6. Get Started
  7. Give the project a name
  8. Save to a folder
  9. Fill in the blank fields
  10. Preview and print!

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