Keeping up with Technology, Q & A with John Hope


Technology has become an important aspect of every business, especially within the real estate industry. Whether it’s used to communicate, complete a sale or make day-to-day tasks easier, there’s no denying technology plays a big role in a real estate agent’s everyday life. Technology will continue to evolve and knowing it has many benefits to building relationships, the RE/MAX Eastern Realty team has decided to capitalize on a particular technology tool to grow their client’s experience.

RE/MAX Eastern Realty has recently partnered with Kavtek Software Corporation. The Peterborough Examiner wrote a hefty article featuring John’s brokerage, mentioning they are the first real estate office to forge an alignment, and we couldn’t be happier to see John and the RE/MAX Eastern Realty team take this innovative leap that embraces technology to better serve home buyers and sellers wants and needs.

The Augmented Reality (AR) platform built by Kavtek when used in real estate can help clients visualize furnishings in a home in real time, and is a great solution for buyers having trouble imagining a couch, chair, and other furniture in their possible new home. The Kavtek application further allows Buyers and Sellers to change wall colours and view flooring options in a home. Using advanced Artificial Intelligence the software will soon be able to stage a room to match the aesthetic of each unique buyer. Showcasing possible changes such as blinds, lighting, deck options and more.

John is keeping up with this digital age and some of today’s greatest known technology to serve his clients, and that’s what we love about him! He became a licensed agent in 1975 and 41 years later is running a successful brokerage consumers can expect will wow them, even in a smaller city like Peterborough. 

To learn more about how John’s technology forward business is making waves in his local community, read our Q & A with him below!

Q & A with John Hope

  1. How will technology enhancements like Kavtek improve you?
  • Since launched Kavteks software has been was well received and sparked lots of interest from the reps and from the public. You can literally visualize everything on an iPad, it’s so easy to use. It’s an objection beater. It can help show clients different colours in a room, change flooring and can even be used with furniture placement. With John’s suggestion to Kavtek the future software will include placing blinds, decks, anything you want to see in a home you can with the AR technology.
  1. RE/MAX Eastern Realty is the first real estate office to partner with Kavtek, how does this set you a part in the industry?
  • We try to be at the forefront of everything we do, and we want our real estate services to be known and offered to client’s afar.
  1. How big of a role do you think technology plays in selling real estate?
  • It plays an immense part. I think technology is really swinging now, big time. A big majority of homebuyers nowadays are millennials and they’re the ones really driving this initiative. My office is hovering in the average age realtor, but there’s a mix venue of agents out there, and I think more and more older reps are looking more seriously into utilizing technology in their business.
  1. How do you plan to utilize this piece of technology with clients, and which client demographic do you think will take advantage?
  • We’ll definitely advertise the exclusivity of it to clients. It can help people visualize what they could have, it’s a good conversation piece, and I also think it will be used in a way to help people that you know how to prepare their home for sale. The benefits are endless. It’s also a great recruiting tool. By the time competitor’s catch on RE/MAX will be miles ahead. Every consumer will be coming to us because of something they’re agent can’t do.

We hope you use this as a little inspiration and motivation to always be open to new technology that can enhance your client’s experience of working with you.

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