Kick Start 2014 – Farming and Prospecting

One of the best ways to learn what to do is by first seeing what not to do. By stepping out of the box and trying new things, you are able to get a better understanding of what works, and what doesn’t. Real estate is an industry with many competitors, and one of the only ways to stand out to new clients is to do something no one else is doing. However, wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to go through the difficult task of trial and error? This year at Kick Start, our very own Valerie Garcia put together a panel of individuals who are successfully farming and prospecting in their service areas to help you gain some insight into how you can find success with your own network.

If you attended the session, you heard from five different agents who are farming everything from a portion of a big city, to an entire small town. Each agent has gone through the trial and error process, and found a method that works for them. While some are sticking to traditional methods such as newsletters and phone calls, others are choosing a more modern approach with video marketing and social media. Frequency is another thing that varied across the panel. Some agents in the choose to farm frequently in hopes of touching each person in their area at least once a week, while others choose to reach out less frequently by touching base no more than every four to six weeks.

Even though the methods of farming and prospecting differed significantly among all the agents in the panel, there was one main takeaway that remained clear. Your method, and therefore success, is dependent on the location you’re in. Those who are farming in a larger city rely on consistency due to the immense competition in the area, but those in smaller towns must rely on producing quality content less frequently in hopes of keeping their name out there and retaining business. It is important to try new things, and determine what is working and what isn’t. Keep the message you are trying to get out simple, and do some research to find out which medium your farm area will respond to most.

As mentioned above, by first learning what is working for others, you will have the unique advantage of tailoring your own strategy to see what will work for you. Take a look at the full video from RE/MAX Kick Start 2014 to see more of the top tips and insight from this panel of agents who are currently finding success Farming and Prospecting in their community.


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