Let There Be Light | LED Displays and Their Role in the Real Estate Industry

vitrine media- RE/MAX INTEGRRA


The point of a window display is all about grabbing the attention of the passerby. Being seen is key to the success of any company competing and succeeding in any industry. This is especially the case in the competitive real estate industry.

A display window needs to be eye-catching since it only takes a few seconds to walk past a store window. If you don’t grab the attention of the passerby in those few seconds, you have lost the sale.

Illuminated signage is an advertising and branding tool that can generate a significant amount of attention. It has the potential to increase your customer base and referrals by an excess of 75 percent according to various studies.


The use of LED Displays in the real estate industry has exploded in recent years. Companies now realize the affordability of the products as well as the advantages that they hold over traditional forms of signage. They have also come to realize that the use of LED displays does substantially increase the chances of sales.

A business’s exposure will be dramatically improved with a product that will stand out at all times, day and night, and will be visible in all weather conditions. This is especially important when running a business in the northern hemisphere. Limited hours of good visibility play a factor during the long winter months.

LED lighting is especially useful as it uses less energy than traditional neon signage. It is also longer lasting and more environmentally friendly. It creates the opportunity to catch the eye, and attention of the consumer. It also holds it long enough for the passer-by to consume its message.

VitrineMedia can help you grow your brand’s visibility through your window display and increase foot traffic into your store. VitrineMedia has a wide choice of LED illuminated displays that will breathe new life into your window displays and put you ahead of the pack.

Don’t let that “window” of opportunity pass you by. Visit www.vitrinemedia.ca/real-estate for more.

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