Making an Impact with Websites

Make an Impact with Websites

Did you know that 90% of home searches begin online? With statistics like that, it is not surprising that the importance of an impactful website is more important than ever. Time and time again, you have heard the reasons why building your online reputation is imperative to your success, and with the help of RE/MAX Launchpad and the many valuable tools within it, you can easily build yours. Although RE/MAX Launchpad is the home to many tools that will help you build and grow your online reputation, there are two that stand out when it comes to helping you create an impact with your website.

Real Estate Webmasters:

Real Estate Webmasters combines many different things, including design, SEO, and programming to produce effective real estate websites. Some of the things you can expect include:

  • Designs that work on a wide variety of screen sizes including tablets, phones, and desktop computers
  • Your visitors can search properties right on your website and contact your regarding listings
  • Manage your leads, clients, and visitors with included CRM Tools
  • Create unlimited pages and blog posts on your website, feature listings, and rich media.

Previsite World Posting:

By accessing World Posting through RE/MAX Launchpad, you can create a real estate ad that can be seen by over 70 million potential buyers and investors with a global network of leading real estate portals. Some of the things you can expect include:

  • The links of your listings on all portal partners
  • Check the statistics from leads generated from each listing
  • See the translated descriptions of your listings
  • Manualy remove

All these tools and more available on RE/MAX Launchpad with a single sign-on. Login today to see how you can start making an impact with websites!

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