Pinterest, Twitter, & Evernote Deep Dive

March Break Bootcamp

It’s official; you’ve survived the post-holiday season lull, and are about to head into one of the busiest times of the year in the real estate industry. However, before the spring season gets underway, you deserve a much needed break to ensure your business stays as hot as the temperature that is climbing outside. Whether you were able to join us for our March Break Bootcamps, or you spent the week soaking up the sun, we have all the highlights to make sure you head into spring with all the information you need to be successful.

Day one of our two day long bootcamps covered two social media platforms in depth: Pinterest and Twitter. On the second day, we dove deep into the world of Evernote and looked at some advanced ways of using it in your business. This was a follow up session from our January bootcamp where we covered the basics of Evernote (a session we had to repeat due to popular demand and overwhelming response!).


Being the third most popular social media site, with a predominantly female user base, Pinterest is becoming increasingly popular for marketers from various industries. Due to the highly visual nature of this platform, it translates itself into a fantastic place to showcase yourself and your business. For the men that are reading this: Pinterest is not just for ladies to look at shoes and recipes, in fact home decor is the most popular category on Pinterest. Users also love to explore local places, restaurants, interior spaces and listings. You can also feature tips and tricks for both buyers and sellers – engaging content that can be of use to a wide audience. Images are not the only way to capture your audience’s attention. Pinterest allows you to upload videos which you can then link back to your website. This will help you drive organic traffic, which is the best kind of traffic you can drive to help your SEO. So go ahead and give it a go! For quick sign-up, use your Facebook account to create an account on Pinterest for free.


If you want to make your voice heard, make sure you put it out there on Twitter. Twitter has a vast database of very dedicated users and is a platform for you to micro blog. With only 140 characters provided to voice your opinions and thoughts, mention other users, and share links to content such as videos, images or websites – you have to be good with crafting short sentences. This is why many people tweet multiple times a day. Relationships crafted on Twitter are not mutual, therefore the list of people you can “follow” is limitless, allowing you to build your timeline based on content you are interested in seeing. Twitter is a great networking platform that allows you to follow influencers, key people in your community, and industry professionals while staying current on news and trending topics. Setting up your Twitter account is free, and can be linked to your Facebook account.


After attending the basic Evernote bootcamp where we reviewed how to create notes, notebooks, search notes, use the web clipper, annotate notes, add voice notes and much more, you are now ready to build some templates. These templates are for practical use in Real Estate and your day to day business. After reviewing the basics, the March Break Bootcamp attendees had the opportunity to break into small groups to build templates based on guidelines that were provided. We built seller & buyer to-do lists, learnt how to clip listings from the MLS to have showings on a paperless platforms. Visit RISE to get in touch with one of the RE/MAX INTEGRA Training Specialists if you would like to learn how you can build and implement these templates in your business.

Want to attend one a training session held at the RE/MAX INTEGRA, Ontario Atlantic Regional Office? Visit Best Agent for a current calendar of upcoming sessions, and follow along on Twitter and Facebook for event announcements.

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