Master the Art of Negotiation With These Two Courses


In real estate, successful negotiating is your bread and butter. With the start of another busy buying and selling season, now’s the time to beef up your skills and translate those talents into true success.

Suze Cumming, Harvard-trained Negotiation and founder of The Nature of Real Estate will be hosting two Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE) courses this month, with four days of high-level negotiation training.


CNE1: Core Concepts  •  March 19 & 20

  • Competitive Win-Lose Hard Bargaining vs. Collaborative Win-Win Negotiating: Understand the differences in these classic approaches and learn how to use them to get the best outcome for your client and yourself.
  • Psychology of Buying: Learn how the brain makes purchase decisions and how you can impact both sides of the brain in the decision-making process.
  • Persuasion Principles: Discover scientifically proven persuasion approaches that increase your success rate for influencing others.
  • CNE Model and Planning Guide: Learn how to proactively plan your real estate negotiations to succeed.
  • Case Studies: See how these principles and approaches are applied in real estate negotiation situations in a variety of markets.
  • Skill Practice: Get a chance to practice your new skills in a safe environment that will increase your success in the real world.
  • Group Discussion Topics: Innovative and creative approaches are discussed by small and large groups, helping you take your business to new levels.


CNE2: Buyer’s Suite  •  March 22 & 23

Advanced Negotiation Techniques for Buyer’s Salespeople

  • Learn how to manage emotions in negotiations
  • Identify the key emotional factors that can derail a negotiation
  • Manage these factors effectively throughout the negotiation on both sides of the table
  • Discover how to create value in a real estate negotiation for the buyer
  • Learn how to claim value in a real estate negotiation for the buyer
  • Identify how to handle irrational negotiators on both sides of the table
  • Learn how to negotiate effectively from a position of weakness on the buyer’s side of the table
  • Discover how to handle the most difficult negotiations in real estate both WITH the buyer and FOR the buyer
  • Establish how you can understand the persuasion cycle and apply advanced persuasion techniques

Mastering Email Negotiations in Real Estate

  • Confidently know when to use emails vs. face-to-face or phone for negotiations
  • Effectively negotiate contracts and conversations via email with anyone
  • Organize and write emails for maximum persuasiveness
  • Reduce or eliminate being misunderstood in emails
  • Close more deals using email negotiation


When you complete each course, you will receive your Certified Negotiation Expert designation and will be well on your way to earning your Master Certified Negotiation Expert designation. Courses can be taken in any order.

Courses will be held at The Oakville and Milton District Real Estate Board, located at 125 Navy St. is downtown Oakville. Each two-day course runs from 9:30 a.m. until 4 p.m., at a cost of $349.00.

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