May Fast Facts

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You don’t have to be a math guy, or girl for that matter to find yourself running into numbers on a daily basis; in fact, increasing your interest in numbers, specifically statistics can help make the message you are trying to portray to clients more credible.

Sharing facts, and having the proof to back them up, makes the message you are trying to share believable, and a believable message is more likely to be remembered than one that is not.

You want to be the agent a homebuyer remembers, right?

Well then, the next time you publish content on social or link to a listing presentation, add a statistic from this month’s Fast Facts! This month’s roundup of trending Fast Facts are here to help you, and are evidence that helps support the information or message you’re sharing with your clients.

Below are some suggestions on how you can use and present this month’s Fast Facts on social, in a listing presentation or in a conversation to help prove the message you are trying to get across to clients!

  • “Give me a chance to help you buy or sell your home! With over 200 thousand listings on the website, there’s a dream home out there I can find for you!”
  • “ Chose me as your real estate agent, with my expertise and negotiation skills + the amount of homebuyers visiting the website (over 15 million views) you can count on me to get you top dollar for your home.
  • “6 thousand consumers contacted RE/MAX agents last month for help with buying or selling a home. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me!”

Download your region’s Fast Facts PDF below and command the attention of the audiences you are hoping to reach by supporting your message with the statistics from this month’s Fast Facts!

May Fast Facts

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