Meet Your Match: Genesis Will Elevate the Realtor-Client Relationship

Genesis (41 of 52) - RE/MAX iNTEGRA

Unique models and features cater to your always-on lifestyle.

For the past two years, Genesis has brought an elevated driving experience right to your doorstep. The G70, G80, G80 Sport and G90 come together to create what is a best-in-class lineup of vehicles, whose technologies, features and performance you can experience first-hand on your own time, by booking an at-home test drive.

Whether you’re looking for a luxury sedan or a performance vehicle, Genesis will deliver. Learn more about what makes sense for you by reviewing the features below:

  1. G70: This compact luxury sport sedan was built with superior performance and the driver experience in mind. From the highly-advanced 3.3L twin-turbo V6 engine to the head-up display, each detail of the vehicle contributes to an engaging driving experience.
  2. G80: This vehicle articulates beauty and functionality, offering human-focused design. The cabin places craftsmanship at the forefront and comes with a powerful V6 or V8 engine. For added handling and precision, G80 comes with Genesis Adaptive Control Suspension (GACS).
  3. G80 Sport: Adding a level of ferocity to the G80 lineup, G80 Sport adds bold styling and a twin-turbocharged V6 engine for some extra punch.
  4. G90: For a drive that keeps your clients top-of-mind, the G90 offers an exceptionally quiet and comfortable cabin featuring a plethora of amenities including rear sun shades, ventilated seats, and more.

Key features in every vehicle include:

  • Genesis Smart Sense: all vehicles come equipped with Genesis Smart Sense, a full suite of driver assistance and safety features.
  • Genesis at Home allows you spend less time on vehicle upkeep and maintenance and gives you a chance to spend more time focusing on your client’s needs. Simply schedule maintenance and Genesis will pick your car up either at your home or office; a courtesy vehicle will be left at your disposal. For test drive, purchase, and maintenance, we come to you.

Whether performance, driver experience, or advanced technology is a priority for you, Genesis is tailored to your busy lifestyle.

Genesis is partnering with RE/MAX to offer preferred pricing for Brokers & Agents. Browse our online sales platform to schedule a test drive, configure a car, and order your new vehicle for at-home delivery; all for one single, guaranteed price. To learn more, visit

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