Month of Miracles | Annie’s Story


As we approach the end of Month of Miracles, we continue to share stories about the children whose lives have been affected by Children’s Miracle Network and the member hospitals. Take a look below to learn more about Annie and her experience at Children’s Hospital of Easter Ontario Foundation.

Annie's Story



Annie’s journey at CHEO began at age 4 when she was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. She endured chemotherapy and the usual side effects of weakness, nausea, mood swings and hair loss, but with the oncology team’s loving care and her own strong will, Annie came out smiling.

A decade later, Annie was diagnosed with eosinophilic fascitis, an inflammation and thickening of the skin and fascia. She’ll be followed regularly in the rheumatology clinic and will require medication, regular blood work and MRIs to monitor her condition.

The duration of her treatment is still unknown, but Annie is taking it all in stride. She loves sports and is slowly adding these activities back in since her recent diagnosis. She loves fashion and giving back to the hospital that has always been there for her.

Children’s Miracle Network funds help support child life programs that include educational activities and the development of recreational, diversion and therapeutic play that help kids like Annie.

To learn more about the Miracle Home Program and how you can get involved, click the button below or find it in the “RE/MAX Cares” Tile in RE/MAX Launchpad.

Learn About the Miracle Home Program

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