Month of Miracles Miracle Stories

Month of Miracles Miracle Stories

Each year during the month of August, we celebrate not only the miracles that take place each and every day at the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, but also the people who help make those miracles happen. Through the sale of each home, RE/MAX agents help raise funds for the member hospitals in their community, and August is the time we get to learn a little bit more about those miracles. Below, we’d like you to meet Peter, Ben, and Jiesheng whose young lives have all been greatly affected by your decision to put your money where the miracles are.

Peter from MacKids

Month of Miracles Miracle Stories

At less than one year old, Peter has endured more health complications than most people do throughout their entire life. After breaking his collarbone during birth, Peter was transferred to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at McMaster Children’s Hospital where it was discovered that he was facing more life threatening conditions. Peter’s stomach was nothing but dead tissue, and his kidneys and liver were failing. After doctor’s scrambled to remove his stomach and a piece of his deteriorated intestine, his stomach was removed and his esophagus was stapled shut.

Now stable. Peter undergoes kidney dialysis three times a week to clean his blood, and his heart rate is constantly monitored and his blood pressure is reviewed every 15 minutes. Doctors are hoping his kidneys will become functional within the next four to six months, and if successful Peter is expected to then receive reconstructive surgery on his stomach. In the inpatient paediatric unit at MacKids, Peter is reaching all the infant milestones.

“The support we receive from people we don’t even know is amazing” remarks Peter’s mother. “When you make a donation, you’re making someone else’s life so much better.”

Ben & Jiesheng Boutilier from IWK Health Centre

Month of Miracles Miracle Stories

Alicia and Joe Boutilier were blessed with two amazing children, Bethany and Nick, but for a number of years, they had wanted to add to their family. Alicia and Joe looked into international adoption, and chose to adopt from a special needs adoption centre. On January 9, 2012 Alicia and Joe Boutilier left China to return home with their newly adopted son, Jiesheng. Unable to walk, Jiesheng was seen by the IWK’s Orthopaedic Department who diagnosed him Arthrogryposis, a stiffening condition that affected his legs, knees and feet.

Looking to grow their family further, Alicia and Joe returned to China on May 20, 2013 and adopted another young boy, Ben. Diagnosed with a number of spinal conditions, including a tethered spinal cord, a pulling of the spinal cord at the base of the spinal canal, Ben is also a patient at the IWK and is seen by a neurologist in the Spina Bifida clinic.

These two brothers often visit the IWK together and Alicia and Joe know the essential role that donors play in their sons’ care. Thanks to the support of donors and the incredibly talented health care providers at the IWK Health Centre, including the recreational therapy specialists, Jiesheng and Ben are joyful, active young boys who love to laugh and play

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