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August is a celebratory month in many ways. This month marks our fourth annual Month of Miracles (MoM) in support of the Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) and beyond enjoying the short-lived warm weather are benefit dinners, auctions and various community fundraisers.

All of the events RE/MAX agents and offices host, spanning across the thirty-one days of August are in addition to the many initiatives taken throughout the year to support children’s health.

While we encourage you to increase your donations this month, we also want to show you how important your support is to the families and young lives that have been greatly affected by your decision to give back.

Below, we’d like you to meet Logan and this is his Miracle Story.


Logan's Story

Children's Health Foundation

Patient Story - Logan

First time mom, Becky, never anticipated that her newborn son would be faced with a rare condition that put his life in danger. However, when Logan was unable to pass any stool for more than 48 hours, the critical care team at Children’s Miracle Hospital, London Health Science Centre had to act quickly to protect him from the life-threatening risks of his newly diagnosed Hirschsprung disease. Before he turned one, Logan required two significant bowel surgeries to remedy his painful condition.

When Logan was one and a half years old, his symptoms returned – his stomach ballooned and he became irritated and unable to go to the bathroom. To lessen the severity of his condition, Logan now visits Children’s Hospital every 10 weeks to receive Botox injections so he can enjoy a more comfortable life. For now, it appears 7-year-old Logan’s therapy may be a lifelong reality for Becky’s “little trooper.”

As a Miracle Donor, you help give kids like Logan every chance to get better and we hope by posting Miracle Stories like these each week this month you’ll understand how much your contributions mean.

To learn more about the Miracle Home Program and how you can give back or increase your donation, click the button below!


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