Month of Miracles Miracle Stories

Month of Miracles Miracle Stories

The Miracle Home Program is an opportunity for RE/MAX agents to give back to the communities they live and work in through the sale of each home. As you know, for the entire month of August, we celebrate Month of Miracles, and that means more than celebrating the day we all get to enjoy a sweet treat for Miracle Treat Day! Throughout the month, you consistently hear the phrase “put your money where they miracles are’. Although you know the money you are helping raise is going to the Children’s Miracle Network member hospitals, how much do you know about the actual miracles that take place at these hospitals each and every day? These stories will help put a name and face to the miracles you help make happen:

Eli at London Health Sciences Centre

Miracle Story 1-Eli

At a year and a half old, Eli Khan lost vital signs when he suffered two sudden, massive brain bleeds. The Children’s Pediatric Transport Team helped stabilize Eli at his regional hospital outside of West Lorne, Ont. before being rushed to Children’s Hospital, London Health Sciences Centre. Doctors were able to do emergency surgery to remove part of his skull to reduce swelling and to let the healing process begin. With his brain exposed, Eli had to wear a helmet for 3 years to protect his brain and in August 2012, he received a prosthetic bone flap to cover the unprotected area of his brain. Seven-year-old Eli is now a happy, energetic boy, experiencing new freedom without his helmet.

Rebekah at Janeway Children’s Hospital Foundation

Miracle Story 2-Rebekah

It started with a simple headache. When the pain and duration increased, Rebekah’s parents knew something was terribly wrong. She was airlifted to Janeway Children’s Health and Rehabilitation Centre where her parents’ greatest fear was confirmed: Rebekah was experiencing a spontaneous brain bleed.

Specialists and surgeons rushed 5-year-old Rebekah into emergency brain surgery. Post-surgery and in critical condition, Rebekah was kept in an induced coma to stabilize her. With the support of her healthcare team, Rebekah beat the odds and is now happy to be singing and playing soccer again.

Do you want to be able to help kids like Eli and Rebekah? Learn how you can get involved through the Miracle Home Program so you can start putting your money where the miracles are, not only during Month of Miracles, but all year long.

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